Golden City Jaisalmer

22nd Jul 2019
Day 2

I started my journey from Rewari,Haryana after an long long time with my family to Jaiselmer via Bikaner .

Photo of Rewari, Haryana, India by Ankit Yadav
Photo of Rewari, Haryana, India by Ankit Yadav
Photo of Rewari, Haryana, India by Ankit Yadav
Photo of Rewari, Haryana, India by Ankit Yadav

We were at Bikaner in the evening around 5 pm .but unfortunately mine next train was at 11pm so we need to wait so we had dinner and some city walk ,around the streets of Bikaner.
And the time passed and the train arrived ,with dusty berths we managed to get confortabe,after so long ,journey with some cool and dusty air i still managed to  control may sleep whole night and now around 4:40 in the morning we were at  the last stop of the train ,which was JiaSalmEr

Day 3

After reaching and there at Jiaselmer i was full of excitement and dust😂😂.. more than than sleepy too due to long distance journey and waking up whole the night.I was quite happy as  i got a perfect and golden lights of fort we clearly visible as it was the time of sunrise.
After we checked in in hotel girnar we found it good

Photo of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India by Ankit Yadav

After some refreshment and rest we moved for the fort ,as it was very very close from hotel .Traditional Architecture and Havelies were point of attraction with golden color.. attracts  a lot of people. Jaisalmer fort is on  sand dune with is second fort where habitat or we can se people living  therevl .I found there life style very intressting with some old life styles and traditional hawelies .There we Jain Mandir in the fort approx 5 with heavy nakkashi and beautiful carvings on them. The old indian Art with rich in the speciality of their own they meant a lot. We took lot of snaps and pictures with lots of memories.
Later we moved to @Patwon ki Hawei which describes the old architecture and living statdards of people at that time .....Patwon ki Haweli was the house of 5  businessmam brothers .Now those hawelies are open for comman people for local vistisa and museiums are made for people's sake with local guides with their friendly nature .
then we moved to tanot rai temple for the next day after going to the hotel that day.

Day 4

There after a long journey and thirst we finally got water and the temple in the hot summer day .There i have seen some army persons in the temple and later i found some intesting facts about that .
we attended #aarti and puja done by our own Army persons and in the evening we again preceded towards Jaimaler .
And the whole journey ended with the morning whisles of train engine at Rewari where we started the journey after sitting in train .

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