Googly : Shanti Boy of Hampi #StrangerToFriend

7th Jun 2019

Good Times

Photo of Googly : Shanti Boy of Hampi #StrangerToFriend by Sarthak Niwate
Day 1

Googly : Shanti Boy of HAMPI

Photo of Hampi, Karnataka, India by Sarthak Niwate


We had been to Hampi, Karnataka for 3 days and we made lasting friendship with someone. Here's our experience scripted in words but, it was fascinating more than you would experience it after reading this blog.

Googly : The name itself defines his extraordinary activities in Hampi. We met Googly as tourist and he met us as caretaker, cook, waiter rather every post required for that small restaurant.

Googly always gave soft smile whenever we pass from his place. We also found him very sincere and polite. He was able to talk in thik-thak Hindi and okay-okay English. Mumbai is the dream city for Googly. While spending good time with him, we came to know that, he has grown up without parents. Hyderabad is origin and he also knows Tulu language. This was just an intro of our Googly : Friend from Hampi.

Then why we called him Shanti Boy of Hampi ?

Anyone can gain interest to know about Googly as he starts talking. As per as my views, he was illiterate but, the perception of living a human life is far away different than any common human. He says himself child of Shiva. He always say like, "Shiva is Great. He is my Guardian. Shiva want Shanti..." Once a time came, when we saw tears in his eyes while talking about his Parents. His father was a Yogi Baba and he don't know much about his mother.

While rolling a joint and mermering name of Shiva, "Money made man so rude. When I have money, people respect me. When no money, no respect." His eyes was telling abouy all of his deep internal hurt feelings. Lighting the joint he says, "You are lucky that, you have family. I don't have!" Joint was taking out his every single feeling.

We were returning back to Mumbai on our 3rd Day in Hampi. We gifted Googly a Kurta printed with "Om Namah Shivay." Hampi is cheap for buying gifts. Memories were golden!

I don't know why but, Googly was true inspiration of life. We learned many things from this excursion and Googly was wonderful.

-Sarthak #StrangerToFriend

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