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JAISALMER : The Living Fort

First living fort i have been to. Burdtlingbwith with activities. Museum was fully crowded , not felt like being there. streets are very beautiful. you can bargain and buy in the never ending shops.
best time to go is early morning just before sunrise and walk along the streets before the rush and the honking motor bikes rules the streets. out side the fort entrance don't forget to buy "FATEH KACHORI" (up to11 am only) and the famous "Gottuwa" and Pyas KACHORI ftom Dhanraj Bhati shop.

best, delicious, economic food you can have from FOOD PLAZA , five minutes walk from fort near Maru Plaza.

for desert tours you can go to YOKOSO Thar Desert Tours, down stairs of FOOD PLAZA. Yokoso is very economical and in a serene place in the sand dumes ( other camps are crowded). Their offer includes an hour Camel Safari and watching deser sunset sitting in the Camel with 3 hrs non stop Rajasthani folk songs in the evening and food prepared by Camel drivers.

Photos of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India 1/2 by Cycle Prakash
Photos of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India 2/2 by Cycle Prakash
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