First Monsoon Trek 2014 : Karnala Fort

1st Jun 2014
Photo of by Rupali
Photo of by Rupali
Photo of by Rupali
Photo of by Rupali
Photo of by Rupali
Photo of by Rupali
Photo of by Rupali

So here it goes.. My First trek of this season. Karnala Fort is actually located within the Karnala bird sanctuary. A conscience effort is made by the authorities to keep the place clean during the trek, and they actually take a count of the bottles one is carrying and same goes with the plastic packets (chips, biscuts etc etc) and later check while returning :). Karnala is about 10 km from the Panvel city and can be reached easily by road (private or public transport) from Panvel. We reached Panvel via local train from Vashi. And from Panvel station you get buses or rickshaw or "Tum-Tum" to get to Karnala bird Sanctuary.

At the beginning of the trek there are few cages where you expect to see birds (being a bird sanctuary) however, all you find is just "peacock" :p But den they are kinda unique as you don't find them everywhere. Right !!! :D Anyhow the climb starts a little after crossing the shops and cages. This Fort is at a height of approx 1500 ft. The trek is easy with 2-3 patches of rocky climb which can be a little cheeky due to rain as it makes the rocks very slippery. The climb take about 1-1.5 hrs depending upon the speed and enthu of the climber. We took about an hr to climb. Reaching the top of the fort is worth all the efforts. I say this cuz its so breezy up there and if it drizzles then Bingo that's the best that can happen. :)

Enjoy the view from top of the fort. There is a pillar in between the fort which is guess would be a candidate for rock climbing (for the people who are interested, well I was not one of them ). Anyhow, the whole trek climbing/viewing/relaxing/coming down takes approx 4-5 hr. Take atleast 2 bottle of water (that is a must) and some snacks if you think you might get hungry at the top, or else there are shops (actually on shop where you get a thali as a meal) at the base of the trek.

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The Karnala bird sanctuary is well maintained, adhering to eco-friendly standards. The best time to visit would be during the monsoon season when the birds migrate here. I managed to capture a few stunning videos of the birds.
Tue 11 24 15, 08:17 · Reply · Report
More than being a bird sanctuary, this is a great place for trekking. A few birds can be spotted as well. You do feel sorry for them because most of them are caged. Trying to reach Karnala fort is quite a challenge. It is a challenge worth undertaking.
Mon 11 23 15, 13:44 · Reply · Report
I have visited the place at least four times during different seasons. A small dam can be seen during the monsoon. There are colourful crabs that can be spotted too. It is truly a beautiful sight. The Karnala trek was a challenge but I managed to complete it.
Mon 11 23 15, 08:05 · Reply · Report
This fort lies inside the Karnala bird sanctuary. The best time to visit is winter and monsoon. Summer is not the right time to visit unless you have lots of water. The journey is worth the effort.
Mon 11 23 15, 05:49 · Reply · Report
It is only 70kms from South Mumbai; Karnala Fort is housed inside Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The sanctuary attracts a number of birdwatchers. We arrived quite early and visited during the month of February.
Mon 11 23 15, 02:55 · Reply · Report
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