Looking for Instagrammable Locations? Head to these Gothic Churches in India!

1st Sep 2019

My social media feed is over-flowing with the same, cliched shots from Lodhi Garden and Qutb Complex–the same poses, the same locations and the exact same vibe. I am bored already! But photography and travelling and Instagram aren't going to stop anytime. So, to spice up your IG, we suggest you bring a Gothic twist to your photo-shoots. Here are seven Gothic style Indian churches, that are not just spectacular pieces of architecture, but also Insta-worthy

Inspired by the popular Cologne Cathedral and St. Patrick's Church in New York, this Mysuru marvel is one of the tallest churches in Asia. It is built in the Neo-Gothic style of architecture and has a catacomb where the relic of Philomena is preserved.

I have seen many churches in all of the country, but this one truly stands apart. Visit here early morning to avoid the crowd and get Instagram-worthy shots at multiple locations.

Another underrated gem situated in the heart of Himachal and the seat of Dalai Lama, McLeod Ganj. A surprising change from the usual fluttering Buddhist flags and ancient monastery in McLeod, is this marvellous piece of Gothic architecture that also includes a British cemetery in its campus.

St. John in the Wilderness Church, lives true to its name, standing tall among pine trees and moss growing colonial style statues, this is a picture perfect spot for you to make the most of your Himalayan vacation!

A unique blend of modern and Gothic style of architecture, it is displayed by this majestic in the posh location of Bandra, Mumbai. The picturesque church is located on a hillock overlooking the Arabian Sea. This stunning church is dedicated to Our Lady Mother Mary, in whose praise and worship, a week long Bandra Fair is organised in September. It is a delight to the eyes to see the colourful festoons and buntings decorate the streets around this church. Its history goes back to the 16th century. Painted in dark grey and white, it is an underrated but highly photogenic piece of fine work.

Adorned with multiple spires and coloured in pure white, this 180 year old cathedral will only up your Instagram game. Gothic, but in white, St Paul's is a breath of fresh air. Situated on the up and about Chowringhee Road, and in direct line of sight of Victoria Memorial, the cathedral stands in stark contrast to the tumultuous town of Kolkata. It is also, without a doubt, one of the largest and prettiest churches in India.

Another wonder in white is the San Thome Cathedral in Chennai built by the Portuguese explorers in the 16th century, over the actual tomb of Saint Thomas, which is one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. It was renovated by the British later in Neo-Gothic style and was given the status of a Cathedral. Apart from the interesting history and a first choice for Christian weddings, it also serves as an outstanding spot for a photoshoot, with its tall white frame standing stark against the blue Chennai skies.

Also known as the Church of Stones, this magnificent cathedral is located in the King of Pilgrims city of Allahabad. As the name suggests it is made entirely of stones, and is one of the Gothic revival buildings constructed by the British. The perfectly preserved glass and marble work adds to the charm of the church and to the stunning shots that you'd capture here. Not only that, the church has a lush garden around its perimeter, which brightens up the atmosphere holistically. Offbeat and unsung, this church is going to trump all other photoshoot locations you've seen on Facebook so far!

When we talk of churches, Goa cannot be missed! This tiny, offbeat church on the hustling lanes leading to the Sinquerim Beach in Goa is one such mix of Gothic-Portuguese architecture. A small yet splendid chapel is a delight to sore eyes, it is usually quiet, and is coloured in the whitest white all year. Do not miss out on this one gem while vacationing in Goa!

So, which of these places do you wish to head to next? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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