Malvan, the oasis of Maharashtra!

11th Jul 2012

Sindhudurg Fort

Photo of Sindhudurg Fort by Sagnik Basu

Beach please!

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Just Malavan Things

Photo of Just Malavan Things by Sagnik Basu


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Yes, they peak

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SCUBA , all okay

Photo of SCUBA , all okay by Sagnik Basu

Dhampur Lake

Photo of Dhampur Lake by Sagnik Basu


Photo of Tondavali by Sagnik Basu


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That walk

Photo of That walk by Sagnik Basu

The local trains, the 24 hour traffic hustle or maybe your everyday struggle towards Bollywood. Mumbai is bound to get you on your nerves. Take a break and come back fresher than ever.

Not far away, the southernmost district of Maharashtra awaits to pump you batteries back.

A toned down vacation by the beach or an action packed thrilling holiday, Malvan has something of everything to keep you excited during your holidays in Malvan not to forget the famous mouth watering Malvani cuisines for the ones looking forward to enjoying authentic konkani food. A boat ride in the Karli backwaters and snorkeling & SCUBA diving in Malvan are two things that you can't miss out on. Dolphin watch rides are also very popular here and if you dont sight a dolphin here in Malvan, lets face it you probably are not destined to spot one!

Shivaji’s palm and footprints are preserved here on dried lime slabs in a tower. Inside the Fort, temples of Bhavanimata, Shambhu Mahadev, Jirimiri, Mahapurush and Shivajeshwar are worth seeing, all of which are in good condition. To be seen in Malvan is the auction of day’s fish catch in the evening between 5 p.m. when all the trawlers return after day’s fishing in the deep sea. The catch is then sold to the highest bidde
Photo of Sindhudurg Fort, Maharashtra, India by Sagnik Basu
19 km north of Malvan, this deserted beach would add a unique touch to your getaway experience. Hike Relax Sleep Eat Any of them or all of them. Your call. When I first saw a glimpse of the shore from the end of the tree thickets, I could identify with a feeling of someone who discovers new land. Not a single soul here and the sand had just patterns of sea wind. Fine grains of soft white particles urged everyone to feel them without footwear.
Photo of Tondavali, Malvan, Maharashtra, India by Sagnik Basu
Definitely one of the best beaches in Maharashtra. It is very close to Malvan Town. The Sindhudurg Fort is clearly visible in the distance in the middle of the Arabian Sea. There is a beautiful resort run by the MTDC, where one can drop in to have a Malvani meal with fish curry. They have stay options too. We walked further down the beach to reach the end of the beach at Devbagh, also known as Devbagh Sangam. This is like a small cape or 'Land's End' with the Karli river on one side and the vast Arabian Sea on the other. One can sit here on an upturned boat or the sand and just gaze at the spectacular scenery for hours on end. Then one can walk through a typical coastal village where all the local fishermen live. A number of resorts are located at Tarkarli beach, offering stay options very close to the beach.
Photo of Tarkarli Beach, Tarkarli, Maharashtra, India by Sagnik Basu
Located near the western region of Sindhudurg, the Dhamapur Lake is famous for crystal clear waters. It’s possible to see the bottom of the lake during clear and turmoil free weather. The lake apart from water sports also has boating facility for the less adventurous or the more romantics. There also exists a Bhagawati Temple which has been decorated and surrounded by greenery. An ideal picnic spot!
Photo of Dhamapur Lake, Malvan, Maharashtra, India by Sagnik Basu
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