Taiwan in 7 Days: A Backpacker's Guide

25th Jan 2013
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Taiwanese Temple, Taroko
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Hot Springs, Mud Bath
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Hot Springs Meeting the River
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Turtle Meat, Taipei
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Sunset at Tamsui
Photo of Taiwan in 7 Days: A Backpacker's Guide 6/9 by Dave @ Travel Transmissions
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Waterfalls at Taroko
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Taoyuan by Night
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Local Deity's Parade, Taipei

I’ve got an odd fetish for lesser developed Asian countries, so I’m not sure if Taiwan ranks as my favorite, but it is a fantastic country with all the order, comforts and general pleasantries that are missing from mainland China. The 'Heart of Asia' was my last stop before heading home. It's a surprisingly beautiful country. There are a lot of things to do here, and if you’re a native English speaker, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself teaching English and studying Mandarin like most of the other expats. It seems like a comfortable, good life to me.

I went through Taipei and its night markets, Taoyuan with its dirty Filipino disco (Thai OK), Taroko Gorge and local hot springs, during my stay in Taiwan. I got the chance to see, do and eat some amazing but strange things! From encountering betelnut girls in Taoyuan, to eating turtle and drinking snake blood, Taiwan was quite an experience!

Superior to mainland China in every aspect I can think of, Taiwan escaped the wrath of Mao Ze Dong and has a lot to show for it: beautiful mountains and beaches, great cuisine, friendly and civilized people, efficient transportation, and fun nightlife, especially in the north. Great place to see!

During the day Taipei has all the hustle and bustle of a modern city. In the evening, the seaside district of Tamsui is a great place to watch the sun set, and has an absolutely stunning beach. The night markets of Taipei are alive and full of color. From street parades celebrating the birth of a deity to betel nut girls (girls in glass booths selling cigarettes and betel nut). And here's the catch, they have to wear skimpy clothes and the skimpier they are the better their business! The food on offer contained many quaint local delicacies, like turtle meat, which was quite good and snake blood, and bile which were, well, indescribable. The markets outside also had some diverse types of foods, snails for example! But apart from this there were a number of delicious seafood options and other foods that wouldn't make a tourist cringe.

Photo of Taipei, Taiwan by Dave @ Travel Transmissions

In search of Taiwan's nightlife, I made my way to Taoyuan, a county neighboring Taipei. For movement within and around Taipei, I used the Taipei MRT (subway system), which is very modern and extremely efficient. In Taoyuan, I entered a Filipino night club called 'Thai Ok' and to be fair it was quite seedy! But otherwise, Taiwan has a pretty good and fun nightlife.

Photo of Taoyuan County, Taiwan by Dave @ Travel Transmissions

Towards the east, Taiwan's urbanized metropolitan nature fades into lush green, tropical nature. You can get there either by the well connected and modern Taiwan National Train System, or by road. Gushing streams and waterfalls run fast through the gorge.

 Suspension bridges take you across these streams and the lush green forests in Taroko National Park (home to Taroko Gorge) make for an amazing sight. Moreover, because of the geology of the place, there are natural hot springs and volcanic mud baths that you can get into and relax and refresh yourself. Really works!

Photo of Taroko National Park, Xiulin Township, Taiwan by Dave @ Travel Transmissions
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I am an engineer of software,I lived in Taipei, If you need local tour(No charges , in order to learning English),please let me know.(hunter1124@gmail.com)
Sat 07 30 16, 07:55 · Reply · Report
How was your experience of the hot springs that you mentioned in your article while backpacking in Taiwan? Was the water clean, was it crowded? There are more than 5 hot springs in Taiwan, which one did you visit and which ones are the best ones which are not that crowded?
Mon 01 11 16, 09:07 · Reply · Report
I went to Taiwan as part of a business seminar a year back and I had the best experience of my life there. The language barrier is a bust but the people of Taiwan are unbelievable friendly. They go out of their way to help you even if they do not understand what you are saying. Since this was a business trip, I couldn't explore much. I'm planning to go backpacking in Taiwan in December.
Mon 01 11 16, 05:38 · Reply · Report
I loved reading your backpacking Taiwan article. I can very well relate to your experience. I went to Taiwan 3 months back and a week within my stay I was running out of money. Finally, I was left with only few dollars which could help me out with meals for the last 2 days left in that place. I had no money to afford a hotel or a hostel. That is when I experienced the generosity of the people of Taiwan. I met this family who loaned me a small room with bed for 2 days without charging me any money.
Mon 01 11 16, 03:05 · Reply · Report
Who knew Taiwan was a good tourist spot? China overpowers everything in that region that I would have never imagined Taiwan to be a hit tourist location. Thanks to the author for introducing his backpacking Taiwan journey with us. It surely gave me an insight into the magnificent culture this place has to offer.
Sun 01 10 16, 23:21 · Reply · Report
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