Weekend getaway from Delhi – Lansdowne

1st Jan 2014
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A Sunny Day at Lansdowne
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View from Lansdowne
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Bhulla Taal
Photo of Weekend getaway from Delhi – Lansdowne 4/6 by Shweta Modgil
St John's Church
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Tarkeshwar Temple
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One of the quickest getaways from Delhi to the hills is the sleepy hamlet of Lansdowne in Uttarakhand, surprisingly called UK. Take a five-hour drive from Delhi and you find yourself breathing in clean and fresh mountain air. The town is a small army cantonment area and the views are pretty much all it has to offer. Go trekking, stroll along the lake Bhulla Taal, visit quiet scenic spots like the Tarkeshwar Temple, or the quaint St John’s Church or simply walk around in the day and in the night amidst a star-studded sky. If you are lucky like us, you might even sight a few shooting stars. However, whatever else you do, do not forget to savor amazing freshly cooked food at Tipsy Café-the best place in the town for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My advice-try everything on the menu once!

You don't have to be religious to visit the Tarkeshwar Temple. Just go there for the great views - a small temple nestled among pristine Deodar trees. The temple is about 34 kms from Lansdowne.

Photo of Tarkeshwar, Malara Bara, Uttarakhand, India by Shweta Modgil

Relax and unwind at the lake. The lake is an easy walk from the main market. There's also a small cafe at the lake for refreshments. One can also indulge in boating or simply watch the ducks paddle by.

Photo of Bhulla Taal Lansdowne by Shweta Modgil

A small church nestled enroute the way to Tip and Top - Lansdowne's highest point is a quick stopover.

Photo of St. John's Church, Lansdowne by Shweta Modgil

The best place in town to eat freshly cooked food. Eat here and burn it out in trekking. Try everything and you wont be disappointed!

Photo of Tipsy Cafe Lansdowne by Shweta Modgil
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