Youth Hostel: 20 Types Of People You Meet

17th Dec 2014
Photo of Youth Hostel: 20 Types Of People You Meet by Kasturi Karuna

1. The Photographer

This guy always has a DSLR hung around his neck. Clicking awesome photos is the highlight of his travel and he tries to keep the pictures as natural as possible. Which means you can rarely get him click your photo through his DSLR. Contrary he is also kind to get a few pics for you through your Digital Camera.

2. The Travel Couple

They complement each other and make you think wish even you had a travel partner like that. They are happy and satisfied souls and enjoy each other’s company.

3. The Groupy  Who Just Won’t Mingle

These are generally college guys travelling in a group. They have their own plans and minimize interaction with others to avoid unwanted interference.

4. The One Who Just Gave It All

The one who renounces all he had-job and family to travel around. He always wanted to do it and finally found the courage to do it. You look at him and think one day even I will do the same. 

5. The Drunk

Drinking is a major highlight of his travel. He needs to drink every night and makes sure he has enough of the same. He will figure where and how to arrange even the most easily not available exotics.

6. The Perfect Planner

This guy has done full homework and already knows what all he has to cover and how. He has his plan all jotted down with a additional information on how to execute it exceptionally.

7. The Story Teller

This one has travelled a lot and keeps telling you stories and experiences from the different countries he has visited.

8. One Who Travelers With More Suits Than Hands

This guy (most of the time it is a girl) travels with his entire house. She will have 10 times more stuff that would be needed. Most the stuff would be packed on the pretext of you never know when one might need this or that. Always to be avoided as a travel partner if you want to explore many places with a hectic schedule

9. The One Who Seems To Be Staying Since Eternity And Exploring Don’t Know What

This guys know everything about the place. He is a nomad who has perched himself in this place for months and living as if he has no plans to go. He knows all the important locals and has got a perfect setting with hostel owner.

12. The Singer

He is always ready to entertain you with his acoustics. One a lovely evening he will add to the mood with his songs.

13. The Perfect Budgeter

This guy does all with minimum expense. He is the perfect “Jugadu” and has alternatives for doing the same at lesser cost

13. The One With All Essentials

This guy has the smallest bag pack. But somehow he has managed to get all the essentials. Be it a beach and it is ready with his shorts, Be it sun and he has his glares and cap on. Don’t forget the sun block too.

13. The Late Waker

When you see him you find it difficult to understand whether he is has come to explore the place or sleep. He doesn’t come out of the bed as late as mid-day

14. The One With Lonely Planet

This guy swears by the Lonely Planet and acts as mentioned in the book. He also educates others on what is written about the place.

15. The Girl Who Is Always Ready To Get Clicked

The excited one who never drains from posing anywhere and everywhere.

16. The Hippie Traveler

He has the OM SHIRT on. He hair is long and all undone. He has different goals in life and doesn’t fit in the likes of normal travelers.

17. The Awesomer

This guy just wins your heart. He doesn’t seem to be doing anything great but somehow has done things which make him unique.

18. The Loner

He likes travelling alone and avoids crowd. He holds the opinion that places can best be experienced when you let yourself immersed in it.

19. The Adventurous Girl Who Is All Out To Prove Herself

She is all set to prove her. Either this might be her first solo bag back trip or she might have some adventurous itinerary.

20. The Light Traveler

He just travels with bare essentials. This helps him in being mobile as he has lots on his itinerary map.

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