FERNWEH: An ache for distant places

Photo of FERNWEH: An ache for distant places 1/1 by Sakshi
Travel: It ameliorates soul and alleviates monotonous thus turning ephemerality into eternality.

Ever wondered what craved the Ancient Romans to visit Athens and what sent Marco polo on his portentous voyage? The Almighty endowed us life embedded with the bountiful nature to seek the serendipity of it. Fortunate are we to get the encrust of nature! The unflappable assistant from heaven pertains naturalism encrusting the blue layer with the chirping birds above and the deep layer beneath where some of the bizarre and fascinating creatures can be found. Our entire life passes seeking the purpose of it until we know the essence of it. Sail away with a safe harbor thus catching winds of memories unwrapping the bounties of life because life is not meant to be spent at one place. The sky above and the sea beneath reflecting the sky or as if it is reversed and we are sailing amidst the clouds with birds going in the reverse direction and now they seem like fishes down the line, the trees waving us, the birds chirping the tone of eccentricity and charm. Those who stay at one place read only a page of the book as they do not know turning the page will change their content of living.

The wanderlust inside me evokes me to urge people to travel, the essence that mobility gives to unite the soul whether profoundly or superficially. Sail in a boat and see the different shores where life is not the same, rush to the lush green forests and measure the diversities. Fortunate are we to get human birth and those who make a bee line to the airport. The next birth I would wish to take is as a bird because she inspires me to cross the boundaries and watch the glimpse of nature, just the difference being at that time I would not be a storyteller and so I take the advantage of this phase of life.

Be at a place until it becomes anachronism

Years ago you would be more dishearten with things you missed

The globetrotter inside you will find the craving of wander

Take the jaunt of life,

Travel with its grandeur's will make you modest, opulent and wise

It will change your place of origin

With history dwelling each place,

Measure life by countries

Travel because time never returns!




V- Vivacious

E- Eternality of

L- Life

Editor: Sakshi Ramani