Nainital : Teenage Dreams Come True

1st Mar 2007
Photo of Nainital : Teenage Dreams Come True 1/6 by Dev Arbikshe
Photo of Nainital : Teenage Dreams Come True 2/6 by Dev Arbikshe
From up above
Photo of Nainital : Teenage Dreams Come True 3/6 by Dev Arbikshe
Photo of Nainital : Teenage Dreams Come True 4/6 by Dev Arbikshe
Naini Lake
Photo of Nainital : Teenage Dreams Come True 5/6 by Dev Arbikshe
Photo of Nainital : Teenage Dreams Come True 6/6 by Dev Arbikshe

What could be more fun than going on a trip with friends ? College days are usually considered the most enjoyable days in a person's life. You meet up so many people and get to make friends. But I found some good company in another place, a BPO. Yes, in the summer vacations after my first year exams I worked in a BPO where I luckily met a lot of young people like me . 8 years down the line and I understand what I had back then. The day final examinations end is usually a day of relief and the next challenge is usually to figure out how to enjoy the vacations. Summer vacations might not be a long time from the point of view of working in a company but like-minded people bond pretty fast. It was the last days in my first ever organization when I had the opportunity to go to Nainital with my colleagues/friends in a pretty comfortable Volvo bus. It remains one of the most cherished trips of my life up till now, especially because I had the misfortune to travel to another beautiful place with horrible people recently . So I understand now the importance of people as mush as the destinations we visit.

We had a lot of fun while travelling . The music, the jokes, the flirting and excitement was a perfect combination for a memorable experience. We stayed at a 3 star hotel with pretty good arrangements . The girls had separate rooms and the boys had their own rooms. But it didn't come in our way of having fun as we were constantly moving in and out of different rooms, playing pranks and what not! It was still pretty cool up in the hills and in early morning and late evening, the fog and clouds combined with the natural beauty offered a panoramic view. We wanted to stay there  forever ! The next day all of us had breakfast and left for the boat rides at the Naini Lake. We visited Naina Devi temple and went on trekking to Tiffins Top. It was very tiring but the amazing view along the way was enough to replenish our spirits.The scenic peaceful views and the British architecture were a feast to the eyes. In the afternoon everyone had a delicious lunch and appetizers. then we went to explore the local markets and bought some articles like t-shirts, mementos etc. At night we again had a delicious dinner but were very tired so everyone went to sleep. The next day we were advised by the hotel manager to visit a place in the market where some games like skating etc. and fun activities were available for a reasonable price. Some brave souls took up the task of venturing in the unknown territory and put on the skates . Some did well but others just made a buffoon out of themselves. But it was all in good jest , so everyone enjoyed.
The last night was the night dedicated to music and bonfire. Everyone danced to the tunes till they were sweating like pigs and had dinner afterwards. Later in the night everyone sat around the bonfire under the open  sky and had a heart to heart conversation with each other. Little did we know that everyone would go their own ways later in life and might not even meet again. With heavy hearts we went to bed as the next day was the day of return to our homes. Not that we didn't like our families but the time we had together was too precious to last . I am sure that everyone on that trip must have remembered those moments sleeping late at night in the dark and in the silence reminiscing of the time that once was and the souls that gathered in that beautiful place.

 This is a glimpse of some of our the places we visited and the experiences we had in Nainital -- and while it may not serve as a comprehensive guide to the place, I hope it inspires you to take a trip to a place that must be experienced to be believed.