A Trip to Digha – A Sea Beach in West Bengal

Photo of Digha, West Bengal, India by Winged Writer

Digha is a beautiful sea beach located in the south of West Bengal, India. The beach is a part of the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It is a well-known budget tourist spot in South Bengal. It's a tranquil place to enjoy the sea waves, seafood, swim and ride boats available nearby.

There are several tourist spots nearby Digha such as Udaypur Duttapur Beach, Wonderland Kajal Dighi, Amravati Lake, Amravati Park, Marine Aquarium, New Digha DSDA Picnic Spot and the Chandaneshwar Temple etc. We had an ideal vacation of three days and enjoyed a visit to all these spots.

First Day:

We started our journey from Tamluk Station, my hometown. I along with my three cousins rode the Digha-Kolkata train. After three hours, we arrived at Digha early in the morning. We took a Toto (electric rickshaw locally known as ‘Toto’) and went straight to our hotel.

Little Tip for new visitors: You can always ask the Toto driver to show you hotels in case you haven't pre-booked but, inquire properly before you check-in. Since the drivers receive commissions they may take you to their preferable place overlooking your concerns. For us, we had pre-booked.

After checking in, we changed up and went straight to the beach. We still had some hours before lunch so, in the meantime, we ate at the nearby food stalls, played beach ball, rode a horse, took a boat to ride and swam for some time till getting all exhausted. Then we returned to our hotel to have lunch. Upon returning, we first washed up to get rid of the sand in our clothes. Then we came down to the dining area. We had 'Chingri Machher Malaikari' (A type of Prawn Curry) and a crab dish with rice. One of my cousin brothers ordered the Pomfret dish as well. Overall, the meal was delicious and filling.

After that, we stayed in the hotel to take some rest. In the evening we got out for a stroll. We roamed around the Old Digha Beach for some time and went shopping. We enjoyed the night with ice cream and the scenic views of the sea waves by the beach.

Second Day:

We went to visit the Udaypur Duttapur Beach. This place is more tranquil and pleasant than New Digha due to less crowd. There's also freshly caught and roasted crab available right on the beach. After that, we went to visit the Chandaneshwar Temple that was nearby. We came back to the New Digha Beach and played in the sea waves until lunch.

In the afternoon we set out for the Marine Aquarium, Science City and Wonderland Kajal Dighi. Here, taking our Vintage Classic American Tourister Baby Blue Flight Bag was very useful since we didn’t want to carry much luggage, a spacious messenger luggage was very convenient. I got it with a pretty great deal from these marketplaces like eBay. After spending the entire evening we came back to the sea beach at night to enjoy the cool breeze and calming sound of sea waves thrashing on the beach.


For the third day, we went to a picnic at the DSDA Picnic Spot and visited Amravati Park and Amravati Lake later that day.

We returned the next morning via the Digha-Kolkata train. It was a budget vacation and we had lots of fun. The seafood was great as well. Travelling once in while does feel peaceful and decluttering from the daily routine life.