Seven Fantasy Caves in Asia that You Don't Want to Miss 

17th Aug 2018

Source: Telegraph.UK

Photo of Seven Fantasy Caves in Asia that You Don't Want to Miss by Sonal Agarwal

Generally, we see two types of travellers; mountain devotees and beach bums. However, there is another category of travellers, who love the eerie atmosphere of dark caves and would go to any extent to experience the best of caves throughout the world.

Asia, of all the continents in the world, is blessed with some unprecedented caves. Here is a list of seven best fantasy caves of Asia that will make you drop everything and pack your bags to these beautiful locations.

The Puerto Princesa Underground River flows through a fantasy cave in the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. This subterranean river is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the cave easily through boat rides. The underground river flows beneath St. Paul Mountain Ridge. The cave has small waterfalls, rich aqua faunal wildlife and is a must visit in the Philippines.

Where: Palawan, Philippines

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Located in the Ural Mountains of Russia, on the banks of Sylvian River, are the extraordinary display of deposited stalactites and stalagmites. Visit the 50 grottoes adorned with 70 lakes and crystal ceilings, to escape in a frozen wonderland. These ice caves together form a 5700m long cave, a real challenge for any caver.

Where: Kungur in Perm Krai, Russia

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Set in Gunung Mulu National Park are few best-known caves of Asia. To name a few are; deer cave, Benarat Cavern, Cave of the Winds, and Clearwater Cave. These caves are known for unique limestone formations. The Gunung Mulu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts cave enthusiasts from all over the world. The deer cave, in particular, is a popular attraction. The place is known to be home to thousands of bats and opens up to a beautiful waterfall.

Where: Borneo, Malaysia

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Orda cave is a cave that lies beneath the sea level, dotted with gypsum deposit. Go caving underwater and explore the life underneath. With one mouth at the shore of Kungur River, this cave in Orda Village is the longest (5km) gypsum cave in the world. The gypsum formations in this cave are highly soluble in water and therefore keeps changing over time. Hence, one visit to this place is never enough.

Where: Orda, Perm Krai, Russia

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Hang Ken is the third largest cave in the world. Set in the midst of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this cave owes its fame to a few American television shows and films. With jungle, beach and a few water bodies, the cave serves as a perfect campsite for travellers. There are only two ways to reach this 1,645 metres long cave; first, by four hours of hiking through a jungle and second, by helicopter.

Where: Quang Binh, Vietnam

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Carved out by the Xe Bang Fai river, the Tham Khoun Xe cave is one of the largest sustained river tunnels in the world. The 7km long cave lies below the karst mountains of Hin Nam No and is only navigable up to 2km with a boat. Climb up the limestone formations that add to the eerie feel of this cave. Along with Tham Khoun Xe, travellers can also explore Tham Bing Cave, nearby. Make sure to not plan your trip in months from June and October, as rapids are higher during this time.

Where: Khammuan, Laos

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This vertical cave in Indonesia demands trained cavers to reach the place. The entry to the cave is like a sinkhole with a depth of 250m. At the corner of the tunnel is Goa Grubug, which is the best part of the cave. Here, you can witness the pristine sun rays passing through the cave’s roof, thus illuminating the rock formations and every part of the cave, beautifully.

Where: DI Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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