Beyond the Taj in Agra


Akbar’s Mausoleum

Photo of Beyond the Taj in Agra by Saurav


Photo of Beyond the Taj in Agra by Saurav


Photo of Beyond the Taj in Agra by Saurav

Tomb of Mariam-uz-Zamani

Photo of Beyond the Taj in Agra by Saurav

Agra, a place known well for Taj Mahal, has many such beautiful memoirs that lay across the city. There are no second thoughts that the Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful structures in world. With its shiny white perfect structure, it is called crown of palaces. Its history makes it all the more intriguing and it sits proudly on the southern bank of the river Yamuna. It also has a beautiful garden and the architecture and designs on it make it incredible. When the moonlight strikes it with all its might, the great Taj looks breathtakingly gorgeous.

Still there are some more tombs in Agra, may be not as beautiful as Taj Mahal but equally intriguing.

I have a list of places to visit in Agra other than Taj;

1. Akbar’s Mausoleum: - As the name suggests, it is the resting place of Emperor Akbar. The gate that gives entry to the Tomb is massive. Inside you will see the tomb that stands in the middle of garden that is surrounded by walls. The tomb has a colour combination of brick-red and white stones that fit the dusty atmosphere of north India. The structure is topped with four pillars and is decorated with beautiful swirly geometric and floral designs. A stone walkway divides the garden into two big lawns, which have beautiful grasses and statues of curly horned deer, giving it a look of old days.

Photo of Beyond the Taj in Agra 1/4 by Saurav

2. Itmad-ud-Daula: - The baby Taj as it is called is the tomb of chief minister of Emperor Jahangir. It is called baby Taj because of its many attributes and structure matches the great Taj Mahal but on smaller scale. It is made of gleaming white marble and stands in the middle of four octagonal towers and has a square pavilion on the roof, all beautifully carved. It also has a small beautiful walled garden. The detailed decorative elements that it carries make it interesting. It does not inspire awe in the viewer but inspires fondness in them.

Photo of Beyond the Taj in Agra 2/4 by Saurav

3. Chini-Ka-Rauza: - This tomb stands opposite of Taj Mahal both in the location and attention. The dusty empty narrow roads make it more like a forgotten structure. This was built Afzal Khan, a senior minister of Shah Jahan. Due to standing rejected for over centuries, most of its outer decorations have disappeared. Somehow, the beautiful carving on the blue edged tiles and a marvellous painting inside has survived the harshness of time and both of them are worth looking at.

Photo of Beyond the Taj in Agra 3/4 by Saurav

4. Tomb of Mariam-uz-Zamani: - This tomb was built by Emperor Jahangir for his mother, Miriam-uz-Zamani. It is situated in Sikandra. Heerkuwari or Jodha as she is known was awarded the title of Miriam-Uz-Zamani after she gave birth to Jahangir. It was originally and open pleasure pavilion under Sikarndar Lodhi who was then adopted by Mughals. It was reconstructed with red sandstones panels. It has four huge chhatris on each of four corners. It has similar structure at front and back and has a real entrance at back.

Photo of Beyond the Taj in Agra 4/4 by Saurav