Run..Run...Run..before the rise of sun

1st Nov 2019
Day 1

I was in 12tb class and belonged to a very small town. But, I had access to the great thing called TLC.  I used to watch all the travel shows and was always excited to travel. I asked my parents to go for a trip, but my father told me that he couldn't afford.
For me it was like- who can't afford travelling? Everyone travels and what's there to afford!

I kept asking my parents for the trips and I was regularly denied. One day after my final exam I had decided in the night that I want to travel and I decided to prove my parents that travel doesn't require any money.

I planned to go to Amritsar " the golden temple".
I had just 280 INR in my piggy bank and I thought I will manage in this money.

I left a letter for my parents and took a train to Delhi ( ganj basoda to Delhi) left by 9:30 and had told my parents that I am leaving to meet my brother in Delhi.
I reached Delhi and met my brother and then informed him about my trip to which he was positive.
He also accompanied me to Amritsar in bus for which I paid 80 INR .

I reached Amritsar and the great golden temple, that's when I realized that traveling is not only about visiting a place

It's a journey to that place that leaves you excited, it's those small moments where you have to be frugal
Traveling teaches you how to talk with strangers and find that friend in them
For me my first trip toight me :

1. You don't need a lot of money if you want to travel, even if you won't reach your destination but you will enjoy that journey so much that  will set you free
2. Traveling is not about fancy places or pictures, it's just finding that peaceful place it could be that lake which is behind your house, it could be that house which is left hounted for decades
3. I enjoyed my journey to school, then to home and I t made my feel that I am traveling
4. It was that eagerness to see new places and find the symmetry in all the places was an important part of my travel
5. I was always more eager to discover the similarity of reaction, living, surviving skills of people than the things that differentiated them from the world.
6. For me no place was same and yet everything was same and a part of one big map

I often find people finding their own cities boring and they had never visited the places which an outsider finds enticing. A traveler is never an outsider and the more he travels , the more in sync he gets with the nature, atmosphere and the cultures.
Once you travel alone and no matter how many people accompany you later. You will always find that perspective to see the things which will leave you alone.

I am traveling since my 12th class and have covered most of the India. I never wrote anything as I never thought it would be of any use. But, today when I write,I am writing with a purpose to help, with a purpose to save my memories at a place in a form where they will never be erased unless I want them to..
Traveling to travel
Traveling to be one with journey