Bengaluru : That Paradise Down South

12th Feb 2014
Photo of Bengaluru : That Paradise Down South 1/3 by Harsh Somani
Taco Bell
Photo of Bengaluru : That Paradise Down South 2/3 by Harsh Somani
Shooting it out :)
Photo of Bengaluru : That Paradise Down South 3/3 by Harsh Somani
At the Marina Beach!

After a day long train journey, I, along with my Debating team reached the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru. Even though we went there for a debate, we got ample time to explore the city and experience the famous hep and happening life of Bengaluru.

We started our city exploration spree by having Mexican food at ‘Taco Bell’ and playing Laser Tag. The city has a multitude of huge malls with the lavish UB City’ and ‘Orion’ being the most famous ones. Next came ‘Wonder La’, the much advertised water park, which sure is one hell of a place. Since we had a group of ten, the amount of fun we had was insane. The thing that I would remember about Bangalore is the variety of Cuisines and the series of restaurants along Brigade Road, each one having its own concept and USP. For all the classic rock music maniacs, the Hard Rock Cafe is just the place to go to. The last place that we went was the all famous Haggen Dazs Icecream and it was the ‘sweet’  perfect end to a tiring day.

On our way back to Kolkata, we came via Chennai, and devoted the meagre 4 hours we had in Chennai to the Marina beach. It being the longest beach in India is the best place to get the feel of the gushing seas and this gave way for a perfect start to our trip back home.

Bengaluru is called the City of the Youth for all the right reasons. Everything about this place is so fast and colourful, it makes a person just want to be here forever. It's flamboyant, but it is also simple.  All I can say for and to this place is, Bengaluru, I will be back soon.