Death Museum to Condom themed Restaurant: Experiencing the most unusual things in Bangkok


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Photo of Death Museum to Condom themed Restaurant: Experiencing the most unusual things in Bangkok by Saumitra Shinde

We all know that Bangkok is one of the shadiest places on our planet. Those notorious alleys and the nightlife is a constant reminder of how dark Bangkok can be. But what most of us don't know that Bangkok has a different side to it which does not even include the strip clubs, massage parlours, or the shady pubs.

I am talking about some of the unique places in Bangkok which are attracting tourists with their unique appearances, smell, interiors, and food.

So come let's explore the unusual side of Bangkok!

While the entire place may look like an abandoned post-apocalyptic site, when you look closer, you will find people living in those planes. There are families staying inside these planes for years and charge visitors ฿150 to explore their homes. Even though the sweltering heat is ruining the wrecked aircraft, these families have called it their home.

Famously called the Death Museum, Siriraj Medical Museum is an abode to everything that can be described as one's nightmare. Bodies of deformed children, postmortem photographs, and many more things like gory body parts of both humans and animals, are kept proudly for display.

The grocery market at Khlong Toei can't be confused about our typical Kirana shops. It's actually not for the fainthearted, thanks to the unrestricted display of the freshly cut meat, seafood, and more. Even though the living conditions are quite miserable, the market is the biggest wet market in Bangkok. Freshly cut chicken are hung above the live ones with the blood dripping. While the fresh sea catch is up for display on the tin racks flooded with ice.

While this restaurant comes nowhere near the bizarreness displayed by the previous three locations, it is, in fact, a unique dining experience. Dine in Dark gives people a chance to experience how a visually impaired person dines. This allows people to enjoy food only by its taste, texture, and smell. Once you enter, you will be led into a pitch dark room by a guide where you can enjoy your food without actually seeing it.

This restaurant in Bangkok has found a unique way to celebrate safe sex by clubbing it with food. No, don't let your imagination run wild! It's nothing but a condom-themed restaurant where you dine surrounded by lots of rubber. Their idea is to promote safe sex and better family planning.

So before you say that "I've seen it all" about Bangkok, better go to these places and explore the different side of it.

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