On a New Moon Day

17th May 2015

New Moon Day was coming up and we still had not decided the location, either it was Raigad or Samrad. Both the places are good for Astro photography lovers. 

Since we had already been to Raigad, this time we decided to go explore a new place. 
For me it wasn't a new place but for my other three friends it was a first visit and it was totally worth it. 
We got to see the Milky Way for a very long time. Captured a lot of photos, pitched our tent, cooked our dinner at 3 am, watching a hell lot of shooting stars and lots of talking. 
This is just the glance, I will be posting more photos on my blog very soon. Cheers! 
Samrad Village is just few kilometers ahead on the route to Bhandardara, we chose this location since it is one of the dark place in Maharastra. Good for Astro photography lovers, one can enjoy lot of camping spots and this is also the base village for Sandhan Valley trek.
Photo of Samrad, Maharashtra, India by Rahul Mistry