All You Need to Know About Goa Airport

Photo of All You Need to Know About Goa Airport by Kanj Saurav

As a true Indian, you must have planned to go to Goa at least once in your lifetime. If you are here because you are about to book a ticket to Goa or have already got your tickets to Goa done, Congratulations! You are finally going to make the Goa dream come true.

But before you forget everything in the state of ecstasy that you are in, let us remind you that a lot of planning is yet to be done.

Unless you are rich enough to let the hotels arrange your ride from the airport, you must know somethings to minimise your spends on travel!

Getting out of the Airport in Goa:

Goa Miles - Watching the sea from the window, you land at Goa's Dabolim airport. Dabolim is in North Goa, closer to the most popular beaches of the state Calangute and Anjuna. However, you must be reminded that Goa airport is close but not at a walkable distance from these places, and you would require private vehicles. Uber and Ola are not available in Goa, so the best available option is Goa miles.

While you can also find a Goa Miles booth at the airport arrivals, it would be handy if you download their app as soon as you land. You can pre-book your travel on Goa miles app and be assured of the arrival, not having to worry of the bizarre taxi rates of the local players.

Local Buses - What if you are travelling on a smaller budget and can't afford taxis. There's a pretty easy solution to that too. All you need to do is, get out of the airport to the highway.

Local buses run from Vasco bus stand to Madgaon bus stand frequently, and you can hop into one of them pretty easily. This bus takes you do Madgaon which is a hub for transport to all parts of Goa, and you can find buses to north (Panjim, Mapusa), Central (Ponda) or south Goa (Cancona) for as cheap as 20-40 Rs.

Dabolim Railway Station - If you are carrying a backpack/ light luggage, you may also walk (1.3 kms) to the Dabolim railway station which connects to Madgaon. However, you must check the local train timings. In any case, it would be easier for you to catch a bus than a train. But yes, railways is also an option.

Distance of some popular places from Goa Airport:

Distance: 27 kms

Madgaon is the major railway station in Goa connecting trains from everywhere in India.

Distance: 44 kms

Anjuna is one of the most popular beaches in Goa which is synonymous to visiting Goa itself. Read more about Anjuna here.

Distance: 40 kms

Baga is another popular beach in Goa just next to Anjuna. Read more about Baga Beach here.

Distance: 46 kms

Made popular by the movie Dil Chahta Hai, Chapora fort is an ideal place to relax and unwind. Read more about Chapora fort here.

Distance: 58 kms

Arambol is in the northernmost part of Goa and is known for its hippy vibes. Read more about Arambol here.

Distance: 60 kms

Palolem is in South Goa far from the hustle bustle of north. It is known for its beautiful beaches with serene vibes. Read more about Palolem here.

Distance: 35 kms

The capital of Goa is known for its colourful streets and architecture. Read more about Panjim here.

Distance: 25 kms

Old Goa is known for its churches and historically important locations. Read more about Old Goa here.

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