The Road Affair in Goa

30th Sep 2015
Photo of The Road Affair in Goa 1/4 by Roots
Photo of The Road Affair in Goa 2/4 by Roots
Photo of The Road Affair in Goa 3/4 by Roots
Photo of The Road Affair in Goa 4/4 by Roots

All you need is a perfect song on that perfect drive to feel infinite!

Never underestimate the therapeutic power of driving and listening to very loud music. Goa is all about long stretches of road, the blue sky and windows down while we sang our hearts out. Whether you are a weary beach bum or the ultimate culture connoisseur, out to splash the cash or in search of cheaper options, this diverse little place has plenty of potential to make you spend a happening holiday – only if you have an affair with the Road!

On Road Again

We visited Goa just after monsoons, and the place was all green with clean wide roads, when we landed. Sailing holidays are soul food for the stressed. So we chose to chill and let the place decide what we should do next. Flanked by the mountainous Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, we drove in Hyundai i10 and pitched wherever we saw something interesting.

Goa streets are full of young people seen in groups, speeding up in two wheelers, open jeeps and hatchbacks. It seems like a whole big family, elated and high on life. The city with hardly any directions on roads, the city with exactly similar lanes and the city without any public transport – Goa makes these strangers great route partners. More so – We loved getting lost, we loved ditching the GPS, we loved the long drives cause, in the end we enjoyed being on the Road.

When on road – I don’t care how long it takes me, but I am going somewhere beautiful!

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