An Excursion To Mandvi

8th Dec 2015

Finding a serene beach admist the hot desert of Kutch felt like the bliss of this year. At a distance of an hour or two maximum from the main city of Bhuj, lies the Mandvi district. Land of boats; as I like to call it Mandvi is a perfect one day excursion for those looking out to seek some "Aqua time". Not known to most, Mandvi was a major port of India during the British era. It is also the hub of wooden boat making in our country. One can actually see the spectacle that goes into making these wooden boats as we enter the town area. The intricacies that can be witnessed at absolutely no cost brings out the hidden captain Jack Sparrow in you. The close proximity of the beach to the town as well as the Vijay Vilas Palace aka Kutch palace let's you enjoy the sunset on the beach with the beautiful seagulls that migrate here for winters, without wasting the whole day. Wether it is a quiet camel ride on the beach or the perspective alignment of windmills that line up on your way to Mandvi, this place has a lot to offer for those hidden "Pirates of deserts" in you. "The seas may be rough, but I am the Captain! No matter how difficult I will always prevail." - Captain Jack Sparrow