Rann-the Salt Desert

3rd Jan 2015
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 1/11 by anshu
The mud huts-our place of stay.
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 2/11 by anshu
The desert is nothing but Pure crystalline Salt.
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 3/11 by anshu
The sunrise in Rann.
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 4/11 by anshu
Sumptuous Gujarati Thali.
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 5/11 by anshu
Vijay Vilas palace-"HumDilDeChukeSanam" was shot.
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 6/11 by anshu
Mandvi Beach
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 7/11 by anshu
Sunset at Mandvi Beach.
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 8/11 by anshu
Sunset as viewed from kala Dungar
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 9/11 by anshu
Sunset as seen from Kala Dungar
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 10/11 by anshu
A cultural event organised in the resort
Photo of Rann-the Salt Desert 11/11 by anshu
Road leading to Rann

Two reasons that make this trip special are- 1)Salt desert(white rann) which remains under water for most part of the year and is relatively dry only in the month of October to March. 2)RannUtsav- organised every year by Gujarat Government from December to the First week of march.

Reach Bhuj by plane or train or bus and from their hire a car for your onward journey.Full moon nights are regarded as the best time to visit the "White rann" and we did exactly that.But the mystery of the Rann made us come back for more the very next morning and witness the beautiful red Sun rise over the White hard land.

Thanks to the ongoing RannMahotsav you have a plethora of Gujarati and Kutchi handicrafts stalls to shop from.Take home as many souvenirs from this trip which are a true reflection of the vibrancy and colourfulness of the life of people living in the villages in this part of the country.

You can also visit Kala Dungar,the highest point in Bhuj.You travel through a terrain of rolling hills to get to Kala dungar.Owing to its proximity to Indio-Pak border,it is guarded by a unit of Indian army at all times.A glimpse of white desert at a distance,is possible from this point.

Second day we travelled to Mandvi through Bhuj. There we spent the evening on the beach watching the sun set before us while the blades of the wind turbines swayed in the breeze coming from the sea,behind us.At Mandvi you can also visit the Vijay vilas palace where the shooting of "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" had taken place.

Bhungas or the mud huts are a treat to stay in. They are modern days' 1 bedroom houses, having all the modern amenities with the look and feel of a village hut. Ambience is serene and calm, perfect for that much needed peaceful break from the city life.
The ground below you has no trace of sand but hard crystalline salt. Stretches for miles and miles and binds you with its unexplored mystery.
watch the Sun set among a series of hills rolling on for a distance
A glimpse into the life of the Royals.
The Beach,to complete your visit to all three terrains on this trip- the hills, the desert and the sea.