Unknown trip to dharampur, macloedganj

3rd Nov 2019
Photo of Unknown trip to dharampur, macloedganj by Gagan Singh
Day 1

Week before two of my college friend took me on conference call and asked to reunite I was like okay, after four days friend Manpreet called me that he's coming to Ambala City from delhi so we can reunite and meet Nandan at his hometown sirhind so after two days we met at Ambala Cantt bus stand and catch bus for sirhind and we met Nandan and we left for unknown place to himachal by car after two hour of driving we guys were starving and decided to take breakfast stop at roopnagar haveli, than after two nice prantha and chai we decided to go to macloedganj and after three hours hectic driving we reached macloedganj than my friend nandan was like let's go to dharmpur and go for hiking and than we drive another 6 kms with full of traffic which took another 1 hour to reach our hotel and than we decided to have lunch and take nap for an hour. And than hike to some nice cafe after two hours fun napping we took another hour to get ready for our hike after an hour of hikking we find an Irish cafe and sat there for while and chat with other travellers and played guitar and had really good night

Day 2

So it was six in the morning and I woke up to see sunrise as I specially ask for fourth floor room so I can enjoy sunset and sunrise after waiting for 15 minutes of yoga sun was ready to come say good morning and the duration of sun rise is best to forget the tiredness of yesterday than I went to sleep again as Nandan told me that we can go to

Till 1 o" clock so that's why we started at 12 pm but it's got closed at 11:30 am so than we decided to go to water fall