7 Incredible Summer Festivals in India That You Must Attend in 2019


Summer Festivals

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India is truly incredible. It is a wonderland that celebrates life, nature and its diversity in unique ways. This celebration of diversity is manifest in beautiful and colourful festivals throughout the country. The summer season brings around vibrant nature, brighter days, fresh air and alacrity in the hearts of people. Summer is also a time for the celebration of a number of festivals.

While Holi and Baisakhi are common festivals, there are a number of other festivals that are celebrated in different parts of India. These festivals depict the diversity of the country in true sense. Folk dance and music, celebration of nature and fairs form a common part of these festivals. Here is a list of summer festivals in India that should be on your list. You can plan your holidays around these festivals. It will add a different flavour to your vacation!

1. Shimla Summer Festival

Shimla, the 'queen of hills' becomes one of the most coveted places for vacationers during summer. The festival is usually organized in the month of May or June when the town bustles with a variety of activities such as music and dance shows. There are various competitions like photo contests and poster-making contests along with flower shows, cultural exhibitions and food stalls. Shimla completely decks itself up and becomes lively during the days of the Shimla Summer Festival.

Dates: 2nd – 7th June 2019

Location: Shimla

Nearest Airport: Chandigarh (110 km)

Nearest Railhead: Kalka

2. Hemis Festival, Leh

Hemis Monastery is the largest monastery in Ladakh and hosts the Hemis Festival every year. It is celebrated on the 10th day of the lunar month of the Tibetan Calendar. The highlight of the festival is the masked dance or Chham dance by the Lamas of the monastery that depicts the triumph of good over evil. All these cultural events take place in the huge courtyard of the Hemis Monastery. The Hemis Festival is attended by a large number of Buddhists. So if you're heading to Ladakh, keep the Hemis Festival in mind.

Dates: 11th – 12th July 2019

Location: Hemis Monastery, Leh

Nearest Airport: Leh (41 km)

3. Sikkim Summer Festival, Gangtok

(C) Soumyajit Pramanick/ Flickr

Photo of Sikkim, India by Amrita

Sikkim is a beautiful place tucked away in the Eastern Himalayas and is known for its pristine beauty. Sikkim is blessed with a salubrious climate conducive for the growth of a variety of flowers and orchids. Sikkim Summer Festival or Carnival is held during the peak flowering season in Gangtok. It has been organized by the Tourism Department since 1981. The venue of the festival is White Hall in Gangtok and the festival is celebrated for the whole month. The entire complex comes alive with traditional Sikkimese performances, music and dance, film shows and exhibitions. The highlight of the festival is the beautiful rhododendrons and other flowers of Sikkim. You can also enjoy Yak Safari, river-rafting and other adventure activities during this festival.

Dates: 1st - 31st May 2019

Location: Gangtok

Nearest Airport: Pakyong (29 km)

Nearest Railhead: New Jalpaiguri Junction (120 km)

4. Yercaud Summer Festival

(C) Wikimedia

Photo of Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India by Amrita

Not only Shimla and Ooty, Yercaud also decks up beautifully during the summer. The Yercaud Summer Festival is one of the most well-known events of the place that attracts tourists from Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states. Floral arrangements are done by the Horticulture Department. More than one lakh flowers are used during this festival to decorate the venue. Music and dance performances including folk and classical music, short plays, horse-riding, flower competition, rangoli competition and many other interesting events are held during the Yercaud Summer Festival.

Dates: 2nd week of May

Location: Yercaud

Nearest Airport: Salem (38 km)

Nearest Railhead: Salem Junction

5. Mount Abu Summer Festival

Mt. Abu Festival will take you to the royal land of Rajasthan. This festival is a cultural extravaganza promoted by the Tourism Department of Rajasthan. Against the backdrop of the mountains and serene Lake Nakki, Mt. Abu Festival celebrates the colourful and vivacious life of Rajasthan. The festival commences with folk songs and ballads being sung along with a boat ride competition at Lake Nakki. The main attraction of the festival is the Sham-e-Qawwali musical show that is held in the evening.

Dates: 17th – 18th May 2019

Location: Mt. Abu

Nearest Airport: Udaipur (185 km)

Nearest Railhead: Abu Road

6. Ooty Flower Festival

(C) Wikimedia

Photo of Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India by Amrita

Ooty Flower Festival is a famous summer festival celebrated in the Nilgiris since the past 121 years, by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Department. Summer is one of the best times to visit Ooty and the Flower Festival enhances the beauty of the place. There are spectacular flower shows along with other events like fairs, art and cultural exhibitions and adventure activities.

Dates: 17th – 19th May 2019

Location: Ooty

Nearest Airport: Coimbatore (88 km)

Nearest Railhead: Oodagamandalam

7. Moatsu Festival, Nagaland

Nagaland is the land of colourful tribes and people. Moatsu Festival is a 3-day festival celebrated in the first week of May by the Ao Naga tribes. Moatsu is primarily their harvest festival. It takes place after the agricultural fields are cleared and seeds for the next season are sown. Moatsu Festival is a time of joy and merriment for the Ao community. People usually dress up in colourful costumes and take part in folk dance and music. There is an atmosphere of joy and merrymaking.

Dates: 1st – 5th May 2019

Location: Mokokchung

Nearest Airport: Jorhat (105 km approx.)

Nearest Railhead: Jorhat

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