Jaipur backpacker budget trip

30th Sep 2022
Photo of Jaipur backpacker budget trip by Akash Patel
Day 1

On the first day I take a ordinary government bus from ISBT  Kashmiri Gate to Sindhi camp bus stand jaipur (Rs 290) at 10:45 pm then I enjoy the night in bus and sleep.
(Train and sleeper buses also available)

Day 2

On second day at 6:00 am (1 October) I reached sindhi bus stand and enjoy the morning tea near the bus stand then going to find hostel or hotel.
After looking 4-5 hotels I finally found a amazing hostel (Rs 350) called gypsy monkey (hostel equipped with pool and restaurant) almost 300-400 mtr from the bus stand.
After getting freshed I go outside to eat something then I found kachori shop around 150 mtr from hostel.

After eating kachori (Rs 30) I take e-rickshaw (Rs 20)
(Metro also available from Sindhi camp to Hawa Mahal) to reach the Hawa Mahal(10:00 am). After taking some photos front of Hawa Mahal headed towards the nearby Market then to Gurudwara.

After visiting gurudwara headed towards the Jantar Mantar.
I already feeling hungry so i decided to eat authentic Rajasthan thali then i found a restaurant with the help of locals.
The proper Rajasthani thali cost me (Rs 250).

After eating thali i headed towards the Amer fort by taking government ac bus(Rs 30).
Reached the Amer fort (2:00 pm) .
Then get entry ticket (Rs 20 for Indian student or Rs 100 Indian citizen and Rs 500 for foreign citizen and Rs 50 for foreign student).
Amer fort was so big it takes times around 3-4 hrs.
Above Amer fort there are another fort called Jaigarh fort which 3-4 km trek from Amer fort.
On that day there was Bhandara so I eat bhandara and take a free lichi juice from bhandara after so much struggle.

After visiting Amer fort i headed towards Jal Mahal by taking government ac bus (Rs 15).
At the time of sunset Jal mahal view was amazing and relaxing.
Then I drink a nimbu sikanji near the Jal Mahal enjoy the sunset view.
After enjoying at Jal Mahal I take bus towards the Hawa Mahal (Rs 15). At night Hawa Mahal looks amazing. Then I take e-rickshaw to my hostel (Rs 20).

After reach hostel(8:00 pm) I go to roof top cafe and amazing view sitting area and eat chhole bhature (Rs 80). Where I meet a such a amazing people from different regions who was also a backpackers.

Day 3

I wake at 8:00 am and get freshed and done my checkout and eat a breakfast.
Then I take metro from Sindhi camp to Chandpole which cost me around Rs 6 only.
Then by walking I headed towards the Nahargarh fort road. I also visited the market in that area.

I started my trek and eat some bananas and drink energy drink.
During the I met many people and enjoy the amazing views of the city.
Between the trek I visit old times water reservoir.
After I reached the Nahargarh fort gate I take ticket (Rs 20 for Indian student).
The fort was amazing and had a amazing view of city there was also a sunset point at the top of the fort where I enjoyed the city view and sunset.
Then I eat Maggie at the fort (Rs 60 ).

After visiting Nahargarh fort I come down and take a e-rickshaw (Rs 15) to Bapu bazar(6:30 pm) where i explore many Jaipur bazar like Johri, Sanjay and many more.
Then I eat my Thali(Rs 80) near the market .
And take metro to Sindhi camp where I catch my bus(Rs 290)  for Delhi.