My Travel Year 2015

31st Dec 2014
Photo of My Travel Year 2015 1/4 by Vikas Chandra
Photo of My Travel Year 2015 2/4 by Vikas Chandra
Photo of My Travel Year 2015 3/4 by Vikas Chandra
Photo of My Travel Year 2015 4/4 by Vikas Chandra

My 2015 Year in Review

2015 marked the beginning of my Roadtrips and it all started on a day exactly a year back, the 31st of Dec 2014 when I drove to Goa from Hyderabad in my car, an impromptu ride to celebrate the New Year Eve at Goa. From then on through out the year I went on to numerous rides mostly all alone myself. It was a wonderful journey of journeys in 2015, nothing could have satiated the rider/adventurer/adrenaline craving in me than these rides. More often than not I took on these trips only to RIDE along, the motive was not to visit the place but to RIDE to, pushing my boundaries from doing a 400 KM to 1500 KM trip distances and the complete calendar looks like this

31st Dec - 2nd Jan: Roadtrip to Goa from Hyderabad: 1400 KMs

24th Jan - 26th Jan: Roadtrip to Mangalore, Malpe & Gokarna from Bangalore: 1250 KMs

12th Feb - 15th Feb: Solo Biketrip to Tirumala from Bangalore: 820 KMs

21st Feb - 22nd Feb: Roadtrip to Muzhappilangad, Ooty from Bangalore: 800 KMs

*13th March: Solo Roadtrip to Hyderabad from Bangalore: 500 KMs in 4:30 Hrs of pure Adrenaline

3rd Apr - 5th Apr: Solo Biketrip to Varakala from Bangalore: 1472 KMs (When I look back at this I get overwhelmed with amazement that I think I must have been crazy to ride 700 KM in 8 Hrs all alone during a mid day hot sun thru TamilNadu, the effect of which is captured in a photograph here)

18th Apr: Solo Biketrip to Horsley Hills from Bangalore: 300 KMs

1st May - 3rd May: Solo Biketrip to Kodaikanal, Topslip from Bangalore: 1140 KMs

7th June: Explored Mumbai after moving to the City

19th July: Solo Biketrip to Jaipur: 450 KMs

August: Explored Delhi after moving to the City

September: Could not take trips as I got sick and pretty much occupied with F1 weekends (no trips on F1 weekends)

3rd Oct - 4th Oct: Solo Biketrip to Shimla: 760 KMs

November: Could not take trips coz of the Cold in the North

5th Dec - 6th Dec: Biketrip to Daman from Mumbai: 400 KMs

Wanted to conclude my year end with a trip to Kasol/Manali but it did not pass off. All in all it was a Blood Rushing Swashbuckling MetreFULLMeter Rides of 9292 KMs covering most of South India and least of North India. Looking forward to more Miles in the future, I wish riding across countries was also this easy requiring no planning on VISA, the roads, the weather conditions, test rides to understand the locals' riding psyche and other factors that ensure a smooth fast enduring RIDE.......

#Biker #Traveller #AdrenalineJunkie #Explorer

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