To Goa via an internship

27th May 2015
Photo of To Goa via an internship 1/7 by Sanchi Luthra
The majestic view of the entire ocean.
Photo of To Goa via an internship 2/7 by Sanchi Luthra
The oldest church @ St.Sebastian
Photo of To Goa via an internship 3/7 by Sanchi Luthra
The freezing water @Stone Waters.
Photo of To Goa via an internship 4/7 by Sanchi Luthra
The romantic heart shaped lake
Photo of To Goa via an internship 5/7 by Sanchi Luthra
The beautiful Colva Beach
Photo of To Goa via an internship 6/7 by Sanchi Luthra
The transient waves... @ Betalbatim Beach
Photo of To Goa via an internship 7/7 by Sanchi Luthra
Those serene coconut trees.

I experienced the best 15 days of my life on my second trip to Goa. I was alone on an internship and I was free. The place gave me the opportunity to explore it to the fullest, meet new people, befriend them, see places one can only dream of and give my heart in return. Those walks on the beach, those coconut trees, those rains and that swaying of hair... It was just surreal. I can never skip a chance to go to Goa after all that it has given me. It made me a new person, gave me the best experiences and a new found habit to explore. I learnt a lot there, those people made me understand what it is to live just by loving mother nature and not destroying it. One should really try all those water sports which are a high feature of Goa, one should also try the Jackfruit vegetable and the traditional drink. For all the alcohol consumers the place will be a paradise as the booze is really cheap there plus you can have Fanny as well. For all the people out there, I know you would've heard a lot about Goa and have been to all the nice places like the clubs, the beaches but I would suggest to go the places where I went and you would come to know the real aesthetic value of Goa.

This place always gave me a new experience ... sometimes it started raining heavily, sometimes I fell in love with the view and sometimes I just sat on the beach and heard the ocean.
Photo of Colva Beach, Goa, India by Sanchi Luthra
When you have an entire ocean before your eyes, all you do is question your existence! This place with that view did make me question my existence. You just don't want to leave this place.
Photo of Three Kings Church, Cuelim, Goa, India by Sanchi Luthra
Known for its exclusive beauty this resort is famous for weddings and functions. It has a unconventional view of the sea with large sand stones in the way. A scenic beauty with high waves coming towards you.
Photo of Stone Water Eco Resort, Vasco da Gama, Goa, India by Sanchi Luthra
This church known to be 300 years old accommodates the body of St. Sebastian which is known for not decaying a bit since the death. A must visit place in Goa where you can see something groundbreaking.
This place provided the most peaceful memories to me. With lots of sea shells, crabs and starfishes to see .. one must visit this place and the beach.
Photo of Betalbatim Beach, Fatona, Colva, Goa, India by Sanchi Luthra