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Three Kings Church

Prahlad Raj
3 Kings Chapel is one of the haunted places in Goa. Nobody is allowed here after 6 PM. This place is 10 kms from the airport. It is located on top of a hill. There was a car and couple of bikes parked near the gate and nobody was around. We were not sure whether we were allowed to go inside. So we just walked inside a couple of 100 metres to reach the church. The place was really quiet and eagles were hovering in the skies. We saw a few people near the church and were a bit relieved. This church opens only on a Sunday. Great views of the villages and the ocean from the church. A must visit place!
Akul Bajaj
Apart from the horrors, this place offers scenic views of Uttorda and Majorda Coastline. You can see the shore despite being 10 km away from it. It's surrounded by forest from all sides and sunsets are a specialty of this place. To see an awesome sunset you have to go there and at the same time, after the sun sets, the paranormal activities start happening. This is where you'll have to sort your priorities.
Sanchi Luthra
When you have an entire ocean before your eyes, all you do is question your existence! This place with that view did make me question my existence. You just don't want to leave this place.