How I found a Korea in Jaisalmer

24th Dec 2016


Photo of How I found a Korea in Jaisalmer by Srishti Millicent

Jaisalmer - the city of gold. Every building is made up of yellow sandstone rock. Thr city which shines the brightest in the desert because it matches the sheen of the Sun and once you visit the city, you will end up leaving a part of yourself there.

I visited Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) with my friends. It was a road trip from Chandigarh to Jaisalmer. As soon as we entered the city, the enormous Jaisalmer Fort welcomed us which was biilt by King Jaisal.

On our first day, we were stil tired from the journey so we wandered the city and explored the near by cafes. We tried the chocolate shake with little bhang mixed in it at Bhang Shop near the fort, it is an authorised shop by Government. The rajasthani paan was one treat that we can never forget.

On the other day, we visited Jaisal Italy, an Italian restaurant in the fort itself. The food was good but the best part is that we met a new friend, Jung The. He was a foreign exchange student studying in Delhi. We interacted for two hours. He told us about the culture and food of Korea. He was from south Korea. So we talked about K-Pop bands and learnt lil Korean from him. He was so generous and kind.

The best part of travelling is the exchange of culture and views. We come to know about the places we are yet to travel to and it is like bonus when yoy make a friend from that place and he guides you about those places. He even told us about the Korean restaurant in Jaisalmer namely Gaji Restaurant. After that we bid him farewell and we completed our journey of Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer was surely magical !