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Jaisalmer Tour Guide - The beauty and culture of Rajasthan, within itself, Jaisalmer is a truly magnificent place. Even though it may bother you a bit in the case of hot desert weather, but its beauty attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. The palace here, the desert here, the adventure sport, the ride of the camel will give a different experience and you can take many memories here. Jaisalmer's high-rise grand palaces and havelis with narrow streets remind tourists of the medieval monarchy. The city is spread over such a small area that tourists can roam here on foot. Jaisalmer is believed to have been founded by Bhati, Rao Jaisal in the 12th century. From the point of view of history, the city of Jaisalmer was attacked many times by Khilji, Rathore, Mughal, Tughlaq etc. Despite this, the royal buildings of Jaisalmer are true directors of the Rajput style. Jaisalmer Tour Guide - If you are going to visit Jaisalmer, then you might not know about the special things here, everyone visiting Jaisalmer Trip must know this specialty. All these things make Jaisalmer the best tourist destination.

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Jaisalmer Fort

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Jaisalmer Fort stands on the Trikuta Mountains of the Thar Desert and has also witnessed a lot of historical battles. The fort is made of heavy yellow sandstone walls. The walls of this fort look light golden in the light of the sun during the day. For this reason, this fort is also known as Sonar Fort or Golden Fort. This fort is situated in the center of the city and people come to see the fort as a historical heritage of Jaisalmer. By clicking here you will get to know more about jaisalmer fort.

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Parasailing in the desertIf you are fond of adventure sports or have a lover at home, then parasailing can be enjoyed in the desert. It would be fun to fly on the golden sand. Adventure trip can be planned and in such a way, the view of the entire city and desert will be seen. This will make your trip more memorable.

Boating in Gadisar Lake

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Even though it is a desert, a boat ride can also be enjoyed here. It takes place from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening and you will enjoy a lot here. Everything will be found here, from motorboats to quiet ferry rides, and its beauty is made at the sight of it. Do not forget to take your camera with you because the view of this pond and the buildings and palaces around it is something unique.

Camping in the desert

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If you are going to Jaisalmer then definitely one night, then you should go camping in the desert. The desert is just 40 km from the city of Jaisalmer. There are many luxury and medium range camps here. Seeing the stars in the moonlight night, camping in the desert will be more fun. You also have to book it in advance.

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Kuldhara village is located at a distance of about 25 km from Jaisalmer in the state of Rajasthan. It is said that this village was inhabited by the Paliwal Brahmins in the late 12th century. Since 1825, no one has lived in this village. It is a scary village, where tourists are allowed to go only between sunrise and sunset. 200 year old mud houses can be seen here. No exact information is available about where the residents of this village left this place overnight. No one knows where the villagers went, but it is believed that the Paliwal Brahmins cursed the village when they were leaving the village. While going from the village in 1825, the Brahmins cursed that whoever settles at this place will be ruined. Since then, this village has never been settled again, Sakaiyah village was once completely happy and inhabited, the testimony of this gives ruins here. This village, which has been deserted for more than two centuries, is still decorated with ruins of houses of that era.

Best Time to Visit Jaisalmer

By January-March it gets cold and the temperature reaches zero degree Celsius. It heats up a lot till April-June and the average temperature is 45 degrees Celsius. In this season, the sun is on the head and its rays fall on the Thar desert, then looking at the golden sand, it seems as if there are scattered gold particles all over. To enjoy such an enchanting view, tourists do not even care about the scorching heat and roam around here. From October to December, during the monsoon and cold season, you can enjoy both cold and rainy weather here.

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How To Reach jaisalmer

By Air - Jaisalmer is not directly connected by air. About 300 km from Jaisalmer The Jodhpur Airport, located far away, is an airport near the land of the desert. Tourists can hire taxis from Jodhpur Airport to reach the city.

By Train - Jaisalmer has connectivity with all the important cities of India. Direct trains to Delhi, Jaipur and Jodhpur will be available to reach Jaisalmer. Jaisalmer is one of the major stations of travel with India's most luxurious train "Palace on Wheels".

By Road - Jaisalmer city is located on NH-15. Along with the deluxe and ordinary buses of Rajasthan Roadways, many private operators connect Jaisalmer to all the important cities of the country. From the bus terminus, passengers can take advantage of local modes of transport to reach their hotels or places to visit.