SIX must visit beaches around Udupi

Photo of SIX must visit beaches around Udupi by Neha Ballal

When you visit the Konkan coast, of course there are numerous beaches to visit but here are a list of the top 6, away from the crowds. Still pristine and calm. Hidden unlike Goa or Gokarna.


Located at a distance of 73km from Udupi, this beach is located along the edge of a hill. We parked our car on top of this hill and walked down the forest to reach the beach. And we turned out to be the only ones at this edge of the beach. 

There were people on the other end near the town side but if you walk down the hill and reach the rocky beach, you can witness a pleasant sunset sitting by the rocks or the shore in this beach. Maybe even spot a dolphin or two if lucky.

Sunset behind the hill at Ottinene

Photo of ottinene beach, Paduvari, Karnataka, India by Neha Ballal

Located at just 18km from Udupi, the speciality of this beach is that it is where the river meets the sea. Hence you are at the edge and you get to witness the currents blowing in all directions. It is risky to venture into the waters as you cannot be sure which side the waves are flowing and during high tide the entire shore gets eaten up by the sea.

Though the shore is limited at the edge it does give you an amazing sunset along with the views of numerous fishermen and catamarans on the way to the beach.

Photo of Kodi Bengare, Karnataka, India by Neha Ballal

Located towards Manglore side of the coast, this beach is not totally off the grid and though you see a lot of visitors to the beach it has a beautiful coast, where again you see the river flow to the sea. It is bigger than Kodi bengre and has a nice green grooves of coconut palm trees located along the shore where people can sit for a nice evening picnic watching the sunset.

This is also a hub for surfers as the waves are high enough for them during season.

Photo of Sasihitlu Beach, Sasihitlu Rd, Haleyangadi, Sasihithlu, Karnataka, India by Neha Ballal


Everyone knows the Maple beach near Udupi. Thus it has gotten commercialized with parking fee, WiFi facility, life guards and what not. But right next to Malpe is the Padukere beach, which is now connected thanks to the construction of a bridge and people don't have to rely on a ferry.

You have to pass through the backwaters where you find numerous boats tethered at the Malpe port, which make for a picturesque setting of the sunset. You can see few islands from this beach, watch the sunset behind them and thanks to less foot fall even spot a starfish or two.

Starfish at padukere

Photo of Padukere Beach, Karnataka by Neha Ballal

Located at a distance of just 10 km from Udupi, it is a quite beach which stretches for several kilometers. You can stop your vehicle at any spot you like and access the beach. If you visit during the mornings you get to see the fishermen take their boats to the sea to go fishing. Rocks form the edge at certain parts to help with erosion.

You have to pass numerous fields and a quaint little bridge to reach this beach and the whole route is beautiful. Maybe even shop for their local vegetable. Mattu gulla( eggplant)

Clouds and rocks - Mattu beach

Photo of Mattu Beach, Karnataka, India by Neha Ballal

It is one of the cleaner beaches located around 28 km form Udupi. This beach has basic development with planned groove and few seating spaces. Not many people crowd this beach and it is perfect for an evening get away.

Maybe even the noon as the shade from the groove makes the heat bearable for a small picnic.

Trying to beat the heat at Padubidri

Photo of Padubidri Beach, Karnataka by Neha Ballal