Sometimes it's the unknown who mean the most



So I was on this wonderful trip with few of my friends. Our first location was Kasauli. We stayed in this beautiful hotel named Kasauli Inn. We had an amazing dinner in the market and came back to the hotel. All my friends were drunk and creating a havoc. This led to my breakdown as I was the only one sober. It was late in the night around 11:30 pm. I couldn't handle it anymore and went outside the hotel and started weeping. Sitting on the porch outside the hotel I saw someone walking towards me. Her name is Diane. A wonderful soul. She came and sat next to me on the porch and hugged me. There was something so pure about her soul which made me feel connected to her and I ended up opening my heart to her. All she did was listen and that's all I wanted. Just someone to listen to me. Then she spoke to me about her story and her visit to India. That night we spoke until 2 in the morning. Lying on the table was this wonderful locket which was a difusiable one. It diffused this amazing scent. She knew that I loved the locket and gave it to me right away even though it was her most prized possession. The next day I woke up and met her once again as her room was right opposite to mine. I noticed that she loved wearing scarves. So I gave her my favourite blue scarf. Meeting her was the highlight of my whole trip. Clicked few pictures with her for rememberence. This is my story. Hence the topic was named as "Sometimes it's the unknown who mean the most".

Photo of Sometimes it's the unknown who mean the most by Shailja Rungta