Kasol- The Calm between the Storm

27th Feb 2019
Photo of Kasol- The Calm between the Storm by Arpit Shangari
Day 2

It was an unexpected trip and I don't regret taking it certainly. We booked Prashar Lake trek last weekend but due to some goof up by the travel company, our trek got cancelled on the main day. The alternate trek they offered wasn't worth our travel all the way from Delhi. So we thought of heading towards Kasol, which is 2 hours drive from Panarsa where we were scheduled to take our trek from. Anyway, we arrived at Kasol and checked into a real cool Hostel on the banks of River Parvati called as "Whopper's Hostel". After checking in. We had a chill time at the hostel itself and after getting fresh, we headed to the main area/ market of Kasol. From this point the adventure began.

Day 3

Ok. So last night was crazy. There is this place called as "Panjtara" in Kasol's main market. Very quaint place to chill with your homies. We spent around 4 hours there. The fire place adds a lot to it. Just imagine, sitting in a quaint cafe near the fire place, having tea, cold weather outside, snow capped mountains and a book in your hand. THIS! My friend is this place all about. We didn't realise that there were no street lights on the way back to our hostel. When we left the cafe a little high. All of us. We had to walk 2 kms on pitch dark road to reach the hostel and damn, it was spooky as hell. Once we reached, we thanked our stars that we were alive. However, there was nothing to worry about that area but still, walking in the dark at an odd hour gives you heebie jeebies. Nonetheless, we woke up the  next day to a partly sunny and partly cloudy morning. What we had on our mind was "TREK". So quenching that urge, we asked around few people and began a short trek called as "Chalal trek". Chalal is a village by the way. The view of the Parvati river flowing gave a different sense of calm altogether. Before I forget, please have a wholesome breakfast at Sharma Dhaba in Kasol. The food is AMAZING! So, on our way back, we stopped at a camp site where a band music was playing and people were just chilling enjoying the weather. We joined them for an hour and left to our new found place Panjtara and enjoyed our remaining time till evening shopping around it. Then took a bus to Bhunter to catch our volvo back to Delhi. This weekend trip gave us a lot of memories. It was different. It was calming. It was everything to us. Strongly recommend.
For more pictures of the trip. Check out my gallery. Happy Travelling folks! XD

Day 1
Photo of Kasol- The Calm between the Storm by Arpit Shangari