Harihareshwar: Pray by the Bay

12th Apr 2015
Photo of Harihareshwar: Pray by the Bay 1/4 by Prathamesh sathe
Harihareshwar Beach
Photo of Harihareshwar: Pray by the Bay 2/4 by Prathamesh sathe
Lord Shiva Temple
Photo of Harihareshwar: Pray by the Bay 3/4 by Prathamesh sathe
Beach post sunset
Photo of Harihareshwar: Pray by the Bay 4/4 by Prathamesh sathe

Located in Raigad district of Maharashtra, Harihareshwar is a perfect weekend getaway serving the purpose of Pilgrimage (famously known as "Dakshin Kashi" amongst locals) and beach to enjoy the warmth of Sea.

Located around 200 Km. from Mumbai one can travel to this place by road through Mumbai - Goa highway, various options available include State Transport Buses plying from Mumbai/Kalyan to Shrivardhan which is just 30 KM from Harihareshwar, but if you Love to drive then the road has a lot to offer you.

Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is situated at the foothill, where on one side you have calmness of hill and on other side rustling sound of waves splashing on the rocks of temple. One can circumnavigate the Lord in the most unique way. One needs to get down a small ravine amidst two hills which takes you to sea and then there is a promenade that takes you along the hill to complete whole round.

Shrivardhan which is just around 30 Km. from Harihareshwar is another beach where in a well built promenade along the sea one can sit and relax in one of the shacks constructed for shelter on the beach.

The road to Dive Agar from Shrivardhan is the most scenic have come across, the spiralling road runs along the sea front and you come across many of the unexplored beaches yet untouched by the chaos of people and commercialization.

Dive Agar a small hamlet has a famous Ganesh Temple, the idol (casted entirely out of Gold) was found by a local lady working in her farms during an excavation in her field. the idol dates back to Peshwa era and is said to be hidden in order to protect it from the other rulers of that time.

Although some miscreants have stolen the idol, still on visit to temple one can find a calmness and enjoy the typical architecture of Konkan temples have to offer.

Harihareshwar food options are limited and one has to rely on local restaurants, for stay MTDC has a resort and also some local hotels, One place would recommend is Harihareshwar Beach Resort, for its location and options of room for families and large groups as well.

In Dive Agar one can enjoy local Delicacy of Modak (Sugary balls, made of Rice Flour) at Bapat Khanaval, but it is open only from 11.00 am to 2 pm, for Fish one can definitely try Rane bandhu or Patil House.

Best time to visit November - March.