Hidden beaches to visit near Mumbai - I #Quietspots

Photo of Hidden beaches to visit near Mumbai - I #Quietspots by Nikhilesh Pareek

Mumbai offers a great variety of beaches. But when we hear Mumbai and beaches the only names which  comes to our mind are  Juhu beach or Girgaon Beach or sometimes Versova beach. Everyone loves beaches I mean every normal person loves beaches and had a dream of going Goa with Friends once in a life. 
But are you the person, who don't  have time to go Goa or you have any other reason like "Abba nhi manenge or anything". Don't worry you can still experience something great in Mumbai. Some hidden Gems in or around Mumbai.

Photo of Mumbai by Nikhilesh Pareek

If you are lucky enough then you will find this beach , because it's located 20km ahead  of Alibaug from Mumbai. It is located on the small fisher village of Korlai near Revdanda.Contrary to the usual sand beaches of Maharashtra, this one is full of green-yellow weeds, pink oxalis flowers and grassy meadows during the rainy season. Rather than this gorgeous view , the beach also has an old fort and lighthouse.

Photo of Korlai Beach by Nikhilesh Pareek

The Beach is located to the north of Mumbai. By rail one can get down at Kelve road railway station, a station on Virar-Dahanu route.Kelve is settled beside the hills of Sahyadri. Kelve gives you the perfect mix of long charming beaches and lush  greenery. Best time to visit here is during sunset or sunrise.

Photo of Kelve Beach by Nikhilesh Pareek

Diveagar (Dive Agar) is a village located in Shrivardhan Taluka, Raigad district, approximately 170 kilometers south of Mumbai.The area is peaceful, clean and sparsely populated.With beautiful white sand, shiny blue water, towering coconut palms, and numerous betel nut trees, the Diveagar beach is an enchanting place one should visit.

Photo of Diveagar Beach by Nikhilesh Pareek

Varsoli beach is the cleanest beach you will find in Alibaug. The beach is the least visited beach in all Alibaug. It is located just 3km from Alibaug.The beach is known for its beach resort and cottages. The beach is also a naval base for Indian army.

Photo of Varsoli Beach by Nikhilesh Pareek

Kihim beach is closer to Mumbai than Alibaug. You just have to get into the ferry from Gateway of India to Mandwa , then take a bus to Alibaug between you will find this hidden gem.The area is dotted with  trees and wildflowers. Beautiful migratory and resident birds also   make their way to the Kihim beach and are found in abundance here. 

Photo of kihim Beach by Nikhilesh Pareek

Gorai beach is that glimpse of Arabian sea which you should try once. The beach is so calm you can even take a swim. The beach is located in Gorai village in Mumbai. It is also a great spot if you are on a trip to Essel world or water kingdom. You can also visit uttan beach or the beautiful pagoda along with Gorai beach. Take a drive from Bhayandar to Gorai and you won't complain for the rest of the day. You will be like "Or kya chahiye zindagi mai" 

Photo of Gorai Beach by Nikhilesh Pareek