Pawna Lake Camping

Photo of Pawna Lake Camping by LeeStays

Pawna lake camping is located near Thakursai village. This side of the lake is perfect for scenic views of mountains and sunsets. At the lakeside, the sun tends to take on glorious hues of red and orange. they offer sanitary facilities and quality tents.

They have dedicated campsites for families, bachelors, and couples. they make sure that everyone gets their own space like safety and privacy. Furthermore, they provide fresh food from farms and markets. The food is fresh and checked before serving the guests at the camp.

We enjoyed their a lot with our friends, especially the food was very tasty and the live music with bonfire, Unforgettable moments, they provided tents just before lakeside.

We also had a chat with their management members. 

They started this camping site in 2017. Their aim is to provide us supreme camping services at Pawna Lake. They have received 1900+ positive reviews on google map. They promise you to give a hassle-free, and memorable experience. Come and join the camping site and create many memories.