Walking by the Peaks

‘You gotta dig deep to mine some Gold’, this was the first thought as I reached Manali, Himachal Pradesh. My journey to Manali by car took 15 hours, through the woods from the Capital city of India. Chills and excitement cloaked me with positive vibes. The very first step in Manali was in front of the river BEAS running amidst the ranges, smashing the rocks every now and then. It was crystal-clear and by that I mean one can easily look down the rocks. I just kept on breathing the view for few minutes, after-all it was breathtaking. It was miraculous. I couldn’t resist to walk around the door of heaven.

Photo of Walking by the Peaks 1/6 by Heet Rathod

Cold wind gushed my face as I elapsed through roads outlined with pinewoods. Horses grazing, goats with thick fur, thundering noise of the river running and striking, and locals keeping their culture alive, kept my mind involved in thoughts. I felt like I was full of power even after a journey.            

Photo of Walking by the Peaks 2/6 by Heet Rathod

I reached the hotel which was located on Mall Road, a very prime location in Manali as everything you need is within 4 kms. Had some nice Punjabi meal and left for the market. Market is approximately a kilometer from where I was residing. I spent for woolen gloves and a jacket as next day I’d be headed to Rohtang Pass. And then there were food malls which had an exclusive taste in most of the cuisine. At this, I was done for the day and went back to my bed, concealed myself with bunch of blankets.

As locals advised, I woke up early and left for rohtang pass. ROHTANG pass is a mountain pass almost 50 kms from Manali and it connects Manali to Leh. Ride through this pass is always like hanging off by thread as unexpected snow storms may interrupt. Though I went early, I got stuck for almost 8 hours of traffic, and I was glad as I got some good time in the palms of nature. It was zig-zag road until the edge. I grasped everything I could with a peaceful state of mind. Birds from the valley flew in a very gleeful manner like they were just out of a cage. They were flying in a particular shape, i.e Arrow shape. I was notched up by this scene which reminded me of happiness and peace, which humans aim it. Woods started disappearing as I went up to the hill. Wind got colder than it was and I was shivering even after covering my body with jackets. After reaching, I had maggi which was appetizing. 
Photo of Walking by the Peaks 3/6 by Heet Rathod 
People were skiing, sledging and rejoicing. They occupied themselves in the activities and I was just peacefully sipping every drop of the coffee staring at the peaks. Even if you hold a burden, nature will cure it. I was completely lost. Ranges all around me with snow caps, sunlight kissing everyone and spreading warmth, translucent water gushing down the road from a small channel, people with smiles all over their face, I couldn’t ask for more than this. And then there was this lonely valley where people threw waste, grieving the beauty. 
Photo of Walking by the Peaks 4/6 by Heet Rathod 
Although, I can say the scenery was splendid. Even the word ‘beautiful’ cannot delineate the beauty.
Soon, it was time to go back. 
On my way back, I noticed hard snow altering into pure water (melting) which was the result of global warming and this was really sad. We should take precautions before Global warming clench away the Gifts. 
Solang valley is a place amidst mountains, 13 kilometres from Manali, which is mostly occupied by sports activities like paragliding, dirt ride, and some few other activities mostly for kids.
Photo of Walking by the Peaks 5/6 by Heet Rathod 
I’m very glad that I took the jump, as the time went was slow and it was filled with utter silence as if you are disconnected from the source of sound and felt like I was in space filled with light and gravity, it was very peaceful. My eyes perceived people as small as an ant and buildings like some small box. I flew for only five minutes but it felt like twenty minutes of joy. 
Photo of Walking by the Peaks 6/6 by Heet Rathod 

Photographers at the base take your shots while you fly and sell them at a very good price. Most of the time, people crave for food after para-gliding, I ran towards the mall and grabbed a sandwich. And then there were some other activities which were not my book of interest. In Fact they were not even adult oriented. With this, I was done with three days mini vacation. It was time to go back and adapt the same old life. 

A place where nature is abundant and that too in a very beautiful manner, one of them being Manali, should be in everyone’s bucket list and if not add it. 
I hope no one will find a reason to go against this statement below, 
‘Manali is BEAUTIFUL’