Singapore: What's On My Plate?

13th Jun 2014
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Alkaff Mansion
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Fried Chicken at Ikoi
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Chocolate mousse at Antoinette
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Crepes at Antoinette
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Duck Leg at Saveur
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Eggs Benedict at Alkaff
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Extra Virgin Pizza
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L'artelier Joel Robuchon
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Meatball Pizza at Extra Virgin Pizzas
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Rye crisps and Lentil Hummus in Jaan
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Sushi at Ikoi
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Salmon at Saveur
Move over EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), now, pizzas can be extra virgin, too! Tucked in the relatively quieter area of Asia Square in the Central Business District area (CBD), is a hip pizza joint named Extra Virgin Pizza.Owned by the guys who are also the proprietor of Loof, The White Rabbit and Overeasy, Extra Virgin Pizza promises pizzas that are made from premium grade ingredients such as Italian double-zero flour, California organic Saporito tomatoes, and imported cheeses.There are 10 artisanal pizzas available in the menu, some sides, desserts, wines and beers! For starters, we had the Prosciutto & Melone. I loved that the cantaloupes were very sweet – it went well with the saltiness of the prosciutto which is basically the traditional ham from the northern Italian Regions.For the Pizzas, we had the Meatball (on top) and the Spotted Pig. The Meatball pizza has got to be the superior one between the two, the meatballs were made with veal and ricotta. The Spotted Pig had pepperoni, pork sausage and bacon smoked with applewood.
Photo of Extra Virgin Pizza Singapore by Pao
You’ll get everything in a very affordable price in Saveur. Originally from a hawker place in Joo Chiat, Saveur has grown (and moved) to a cozy cafe in Purvis Street, still offering delicious french fare at wallet friendly prices. Be sure to arrive early in Saveur or else you’ll be greeted by a long queue. We waited for almost an hour before we were able to get seats. They also have an open kitchen concept that gives you a peek as to how they prepare your meal. We started of with a Confit of Salmon With Apple and Fennel Salad. It’s delicious! The sweetness of the salmon was highlighted and was cooked just right, moist and juicy. Saveur is a nice place with good food, the long queue can be quite a turn-off, though.
Photo of Saveur (Purvis St) Singapore by Pao
Who doesn’t love Japanese Food? I dont know anyone who does not have Japanese on their top 3 favorite cuisines – it sits comfortably next to Italian Cuisine on my list. Ikoi Japanese Restaurant offers good quality Japanese ala carte buffet at a very reasonable price. Located at the ground floor of Hotel Miramar in Havelock Road in Singapore, Ikoi is a relatively small restaurant that can only accommodate less than a 100 people per seating – so, early reservation is a must! The interiors of Ikoi is very simple and exudes a homey ambiance or something like you are in a traditional izakaya in Osaka, Japan. For the 2nd time, reservation is advised because if you don’t book early, you’ll only have the bar counter and it doesn’t have enough space for all the food you’re going to eat. We started our meal with a bowl of edamame, vegetable slices and this gorgeous salmon sashimi in plum sauce. The sake or salmon is fresh & juicy and the plum sauce complemented it with a sweet / salty kick. On top of the items for the ala carte buffet, our table also got complimentary dishes. First is the Salmon cooked in Paper which is moist, juicy and sweet. And second, we also got some takoyaki balls! I’d definitely go back for the very affordable price and good quality food at Ikoi Japanese Restaurant.
Photo of Ikoi Japanese Restaurant Havelock Road Singapore by Pao
Furnished like a classic chateau in France, Antoinette in Penhas Road, Singapore offers a chichi high-tea venue with delicious, delicately-concocted sweets and savouries. Named after the last queen of France, Marie-Antoinette, the restaurant boasts fine French food in the heart of Jalan Besar. Antoinette showcases the luscious dishes that are carefully crafted by Chef Pang Kok Keong. The moment you enter Antoinette’s door, you will be greeted by enormous meringues and other sweets! The interior of Antoinette is filled with dainty and chic furniture – it kind of transports you at a different place and time. We started off the crepe’s thicker counter part, the Blini. The French Thick Pancakes were paired with some smoked salmon and sour cream. It could’ve been better if they were more fluffy. Next was one of Antoinette’s savoury crepe – Concorde. Light crepe filled with roasted chicken and bacon, served with a creamy morsel mushroom sauce on the side. It has bacon and mushrooms – what’s not to love? Desserts are definitely one of Antoinette’s strength. Antoinette (photo on top) is a milk chocolate mousse infused with earl grey tea and a raspberry coulis encapsulated with a red and glittery membrane. We also had the Chocolicieux (photo above) which is a 66% dark chocolate cream with hazelnut nougatine.
Photo of Antoinette Singapore by Pao
Boasting as the Most Decorated Michelin-starred chef, Joel Robuchon has ventured into the Singapore Food scene by opening Joel Robuchon Restaurant and L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Resorts World Singapore, Sentosa. In the same complex, Joel Robuchon has 2 establishments, the more upscale, fine-dining part, which is Joel Robuchon Restaurant. And the other, more casual sibling, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. The interiors of the restaurant is, relatively, dimly lit with an open-kitchen concept. Dining at the bar is like watching a live episode of Hell’s Kitchen or Top Chef! You get to see all the drama and action involved in preparing your meal. We started our meal with a complimentary Amuse Bouche – Foie Gras Custard with Parmesan Cheese Foam. The custard is smooth and greatly complemented by the saltiness of the parmesan cheese. It’s like heaven in a shooter cup! With its relaxed and casual dining atmosphere, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Sentosa, Singapore is a great place to enjoy French Food during first dates, birthdays or a simple night out with your best mates.
Photo of L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon Singapore by Pao
Sitting atop the quiet Telok Blangah Hill Park is the historical Alkaff Mansion.Recently, it’s been restored to become a chichi restaurant offering Italian cuisine with a more relaxed cozy alfresco cafe offering brunch and snack items. The ambiance is generally relaxed being surrounded by lush greenery and interesting art pieces scattered all over the The Alkaff. The different areas in the Alkaff Mansion provides breathing spaces. Food at The Alkaff Cafe comprises of regular breakfast items such as pancakes, cereals and bacons with eggs cooked to your liking. They also offer local Singapore breakfast favorites and snack items after breakfast hours. But what got my attention is that they chose to pair WAFFLES, instead of English muffins, with the Eggs Benedict – I thought it was interesting, so, I went ahead and ordered it. The Eggs Benedict on Waffles arrived on my table with sautéed mushrooms, crispy bacon and a dollop of their rich and creamy hollandaise sauce. The eggs were poached perfectly with a runny yolk after breaking it open and the sauce was tangy enough to not overpower the creaminess of the yolk. The fluffy (and crispy) waffles was the perfect bed for the eggs for it’s easier to slice than the more chewy english muffins. Pair it with a nice local Kopi-O and I couldn’t think of any better way to wake up on a lazy Sunday morning.
Photo of Alkaff Mansion Ristorante Singapore by Pao
Located on the 70th floor (Equinox Complex) of Swissotel at The Stamford in Singapore, Jaan is an intimate 40-seater restaurant that offers artisanal French cuisine. Dining at Jaan is truly a wonderful and unique experience – it appeals to both the eyes and the tongue. Beautifully plated dishes, made with the finest ingredients, that’s what Jaan is all about. You’ll start your meal with rye crisps and lentil hummus. I loved how the lentils were not mashed.And to finish the meal, Petit Four served “smoking” I would have to say that I am very impressed with Jaan and would definitely return in the near future. They took French cuisine to a higher altitude, literally.
Photo of Jaan Singapore by Pao