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Cafe Mambos

Vidhi Bubna
1) Cafe Mambos - Titos Goa Night Club - Since we are talking about places to visit in the party capital, let's start with the most hep place that you can be at if you want to party in Goa. Our winner after visiting a multitude of clubs was Mambo’s. We went there on a Wednesday night where drinks for the ladies were on the house. The music was contemporary and put us in the right mood to let our hair down and party the night away. The demographic the club was very friendly and I found myself being a part of a dance group where by the end of the night I was teaching them some of my signature steps. The dance floor was an open area right by the sea where we could party against the slight beach breeze and have loads of fun.
4. Café Mambos, BagaOwned by the 'Tito's Group of Companies', Café Mambo is the most visited clubs by the locals and tourists. If dancing all night long is your idea of fun, definitely head to this club for a whole lot of fun.
Nikhil Talwar
Tanvi S
over hyped place! Girls entry are FREE in both though Tito's covers the charges, Mambo do not! Stags NOT allowed. But very average clubs with average crowd. Can be avoided. Infact, GET HIGH, right opposite Tito's which has free entry for everyone is better than Tito's
Sandeep Gupta
Day 4 It was the day for watersports, eating out, beers, and relaxation. We opted for watersports in calangute beach. my friend went for waterscooter and parasailing for 1100/- and I took a foot masssage on one of the shack and soaked myself in sun. We then took a dip in the sea and we were too tired after having a lunch in one of the shack. The same night we went to cafe Mambos in calangute for clubbing. It was an amazing place for drinks and music. The crowd, the food, the drinks and the music. everything was just electrifying. That was the end of day 4 when I was hell tired. Just needed a good night sleep so we came back to hostel.