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Martin's Corner

Martin's Corner is one of the oldest and most popular joints in South Goa, famous for it's amazing seafood fare. Their crabs are yummilicious and absolute favorites of even celebrities such as Sachin Tendulkar! On my last trip to Goa, me and the husband frequented Martin's for their yum prawns & xacutis, but the dish that tempted us back time & again was their Bebinca (a traditional Portugese dessert)!
Richa Devi
Martin's homemade recipes and authentic cuisine have pleased the palates of real seafood lovers Goa. This iconic establishment which was first set up in 1989 has flourished from a small corner cafe to a full-fledged restaurant that can serve up to 300 guests.
Was our favorite place back during Engineering. The food is good, service is decent and prices are reasonable too. Also, they mostly have bands playing on specific days.