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Cabo de Rama Fort

Vinnie Singh
5. Become aware of your tiny-ness at the Cabo de Rama fort - The Cabo de Rama fort is a 19th century Portugese fort which has lived through many battles of history. Now, it is a popular tourist attraction of South Goa. The fort has many vantage points from you'll be able to see the endless length and breadth of the sea, mighty cliffs with uncountable trees, waves crashing at the feet of the cliffs, and the vast, bright blue sky. Everything about the Cabo de Rama is ginormous - even its banyan trees and grasses. The trunks of the trees are so wide that they'll need at least three adult human beings to hug them in a circle. The grasses here grow so tall that you could play hide and seek in them. This one's going to be yet another overwhelming experience for you.
An off beaten place of interest in Goa situated in the remotest of place and hidden away from prying eyes among the mountains and the seas. This fort is dripping in history of years of violence which once served as a strategic defence on the sea shores of the erstwhile Portuguese empire. As I stood on the edge of the cliffs and roll my fingers over the walls now overgrown with moss and plants, I could picture magnificent enemy war ships with large cannons raging on the stormy seas attempting to land on the shores while a swarm of arch-men valiantly try to defend the fort and sacrificing their lives in honour of their king.And now I could only see rows of coconut trees all over the place, slippery ledges and the clear blue waters finally blending on the horizon. It was a hot summer day with the sun shining directly over my head and making me tired and parched with every step I took. The fort was extravagantly large and seemed almost unending. I couldn't imagine the time and effort it must have taken to fortify the territory and how well it must have been guarded. I was also amazed how well it survived over the centuries in the face of wars and greed. By the time I finished the tour I was dying of thirst. And the tour ended with a bottle of beer to satiate my thirst. So, it was a day which is forever itched into the memories of my heart.
Siddharth Bangera
neha ballal
When here one can also to visit Cabo de Rama. It is another fort in its ruins but if you go during the monsoons it is very beautiful. The sun and clouds playing hide and seek to let only a few streaks of sunlight fall on the ocean is a view worth going there for. But if you go during summer when the grass is not green and the sun is blazing you will probably hate it. Here too one can trek down to the beach where the fishermen fish but it is little risky as the path is narrow and slippery during the monsoons.
Akul Bajaj
Next coming to the Cabo De Rama fort. This fort is about 5 km away from the cliff view. However the road is pretty narrow so be very careful in driving till here. Once inside the fort, there are two ways, one way leads to a church and the other one leads to the top of the fort. There is a third path too which leads to the foot hill and to the shore but because of the lush green surroundings and the setting sun, we were a little reluctant to take that way.