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Canaguinim Beach

This beach is one of the most secluded beaches in South Goa sited to the south of Betul Beach. It is covered with sandy rocks and has a low wall surrounding it. The glittering edge of the beach is less visited by the crowd and is vastly covered with lush wild vegetation. Canaguinim has two sides to it – North Canaguinim and South Canaguinim, so decide which one do you want to explore.
Rishabh Dev
Canaguinim BeachNot to be confused with Betul Beach.Really, sometimes even the locals do confuse the two.Many locals don't remember the name of this beach. And for good reason: It's limited access.The best way to reach this beach is through a river stream which flows in between a jungle. No kidding.
Malvika Mayur
The last beach I visit on this route is Canaguinim. This is hidden in between a few houses and it's home to the local crowd. Not many travellers visit this place. It's quite far from Palolem, but worth a visit for sure. You go a little more ahead and you'd reach Betalbatim and Kolva.