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Cola Beach Lagoon

Rohit kumar Singh Jadon
Secret beach lagoon
With a mesmerizing view of palm groves and a smooth driving route through Canacona in the South, Cola beach is one of those hidden spots that one shouldn’t miss exploring. For couples who want to walk away from a lot of crowds can spend some quality time here amidst nature. Want to know the best part? There are tents and beach huts by the shoreline for those of you who want to spend the night here.
Vinnie Singh
4. Swim in the Cola Lagoon - Do the trek or get here by the bumpy road, but do not miss checking out the Cola Beach! It has a beautiful, shallow lagoon which is ideal for swimming. Grab a beer at the Blue Lagoon shack after your swim.
Aprajita Parkash
Then comes the most exciting day and the most adventurous beach of all. All set in the morning, start off our drive to a secret beach. A heard story but not known about the facts, we drive following the GPS but at a point, loose the network. Guided by the locals, we drive on to a road moving down a hill, all rocky and muddy. The road gives a fear of ending up direct on to the sea with an excitement of exploring the untouched.
43. Cola BeachCola beach is one of the hidden beaches of Goa hiding exotic and tranquil beauty of South Goa beaches. Also known as blue lagoon beach, this beach has incomparable beauty. A small lagoon on one side and long stretch of sand on other side provides a soulful and splendid view.