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Ancestral Goa

Gunjan Upreti
A theme park called ancestral Goa has been built in Loutolim also called 'big foot'. This place also gives visitors a glance of a sight other than beaches, churches and temples which Goa is famous for and imparts a culture based education about the roots and heritage of Goa.
Mukesh Rawat
The spot way off the beach trips gives you an insight into Goan culture and tradition. Ancestral Goa recreates the Goa of old – with life-size figures wearing traditional clothes involved in traditional activities. Open from 9am to 6pm, it’s a great way to spend a morning, or evening, and find out the things that have made Goa tick through the ages. A guided tour is just to get you started. If you’re in Goa for a while, check out the Big Foot Trust activities for a bit of social work and fun activities.