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Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary

Sreshti Verma
Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary has dozens of beautiful ghats and waterfalls. The roadtrip from Palolem to the Bubbling Lake (spoiler alert: It doesn't bubble much) brought us into the lap of Western Ghats. Lush green forests and sharp turns reminded us of the hills. There are several small and large temples along the way as well, which served as great resting spots.
Vinnie Singh
19. Visit the Spice Gardens - Netravali is the best place to check out Goa's spice gardens. Depending on the season, you'll be able to find black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, chillies, coriander and betel nut palm and other spices, apart from fruit trees growing in these gardens.
Vinnie Singh
18. Drive up to Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary - Goa's roads are a haven for those who love being at the wheel. The road to Netravali is particularly breathtaking - flanked by thick vegetation on the both sides and hills on both the sides, the journey takes you into the heart of nature. You might even find seasonal waterfalls on the way if you go there during monsoon. Don't miss this trip if you want to experience the best of Goa's Western Ghats.
Siddharth Bangera
Akul Bajaj
Once you reach the end point of the road you'll see a some houses on your right. This is the place from where you have to trek to the waterfalls. The way to falls covers a variety of terrains varying from open farm, lush jungles to crossing streams. The trail will start from behind the huts and will lead you into an open space with fields on both sides. After crossing this you'll be able to see a faint trail leading in the jungle.Once you start trekking in the jungle, most of the time you'll be walking in opposite direction of stream flow which will be leading you to the base of falls. There are many markings on the stones itself which are there in the stream indicating the direction as well as the distance left for the falls. Since it's a forest reserve, it's not advised to wander off too much as there could be wild animals roaming around. Although they avoid areas where humans are present but it's still advisable to stay a little cautious.