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What the Loja felt likeThe Loja is an intimate cabin just right for a couple or a single traveler. Slanting red tiled roof, a wall painting on one corner, and cool red-peroxide floor as you step in - I loved the earthy feel. The cabin is divided into a living area and a kitchenette with a dining table. The bathroom is spacious and convenient. There are two foldable beds to make good use of space, and a lovely view from the large windows. Even the walls are adorned with watercolor paintings of the property.
Aakanksha Magan
Located in Olaulim in the centre of Goa, this romantic cabin in the woods is an ideal getaway for a couple, perfect to help one unwind from the monotony of daily life. The cottage is situated in the tranquil surroundings of Pomburpa Village, in the midst of the best that mother nature has to offer.
One of the best retreats in Goa!!