Serene Waters Hotel 1/5 by Tripoto

Serene Waters Hotel

Shilpi Sneha
We generally plan our trips way in advance. Somehow this year our Goa trip was planned very last minute. We made the booking only a week before our date of travel. It was a long weekend for Republic day and obviously everything in Goa was booked or was sky-rocket expensive. We were very disheartened and were sure that we would not get any decent accommodation within our budget. But it's Goa nobody stays in the hotel and especially not if you are awake.We decided we will take anything available and at any distance from the beaches. We started the online search for resorts, hotels or home-stays in Goa and we stumbled on Serene Waters. The photos, reviews seemed too good for the cost for which we were getting the room. We were sure that with the price that we are paying for the room (including breakfast) in this peak season, there would definitely be some catch or the hotel would not turnout to be what it looks in the picture. We anyways talked to the owner and after convincing ourselves that there is nothing fishy we booked a room.We had decided to drive to Goa from Pune. As I mentioned that it was long weekend and we were very sure that we would get too much traffic. Hence we started our journey at 4.30 am in the morning. Yet, as expected, it seemed as if the whole state was travelling to Goa and we did get decent traffic. The drive from Pune to Goa is almost 6-7 hours and is very scenic especially in the rainy season.