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Shanta Durga Temple

Aswathy Nair
Shantadurga Temple is a Divine and tranquil place to be in Goa. I always thought Goa is all about party people but little did i knew that there are many spiritual places of historic importance. Shantadurga temple is very Beautifully built and architecture is very unique as compared to other temples in India. This temple is probably the only temple in India where you can see the goddess smiling & resting on her bed. It is a beautiful temple built in the Konkan style with it's signature lamp tower and long hall. A beautiful place that must be visited at least once when in Goa.After visiting this temple, we felt soo hungry and somewhere we saw one board -Shantha Durga Canteen' inside the temple area itself..Its situated below the ground level..Its soo cool inside..We bought Masala Dosa for dinner. Food is very cheap in their canteen...Its Jain Food..No onion No garlic..I dont know how they maintain the taste without using garlic and onion...Trust me..It was soooo tasty and the Rs. 5 Tea from the canteen will make you energetic..No wonder we ordered Dal Vadas,Batata Wada, Masala Dosa, 4 coffe, 4 tea..All the people in the canteen were looking at us.. LOL...
Aswathy Nair
After praying for a while, we went outside and did a pratakshina and went to the nearby shops...Bought some keychains emprinted with 'Welcome to Goa' etc..Then we went to Shantha Durga Temple..
Dipti Goyal
Day 3: We went to old Goa, Visited St. Cathedral's Church, Mangeshi temple, Safa Masjid, Shanta Durga Temple and in evening we went to Cruise on Mandi river. Ticket price was 300 INR per person.The view of sunset from the Cruise was awesome. At evening we went Panjim church
Aswathy Nair
Ruchi Jain
Shantadurga temple is the most visited temple in Goa which is dedicated to Goddess Shanta durga. As the name suggests, Shanta means peace and hence she is considered as the Goddess of peace. The temple is located in North Goa. When I had visited this place, many families had come to visit the temple and seek the blessing of goddess Durga.