Balcao Restaurant

We have tried a couple of popular places to taste authentic Goan food. It was at Balcao at Lazy Lagoon Sarovar Goa that we understood how different Goan cuisine actually is compared to the coastal cuisine available at the state. You can also gorge on Goan fish curry, crabs and lobsters. The best part of Balcao is that chef has stayed in Goa for years just to master his Goan cooking skill. He explained how a few spices - coriander, cinnamon, peppercorns and Goan chillies bought by the Portuguese sailors changed the food scenes. So if you love Rawa fried fish fillet or Mutton Xacuti, you have to rush to this place.To explore off beat Goa you need to hire a self-drive car or scooty. Car charges: Rs 1200/ day Scooty charges: Rs 400/day(Ensure commercial registration plate)Get the answers to all your travel related queries on the go with Tripoto Chat!