Dudhsagar Plantation

We reached the base village and found out everyone else in our group was already there and waiting for us. The traveler dropped us in the spice plantation park, which was around 10 minutes away. They welcomed us with kumkum and garland and offered us spice tea. The park has its own guide who gave us some basic information of the plantation and asked us to have our lunch first and then he will take us to the tour.They organized buffet lunch. Both veg and non-veg items were available. They served authentic Goan cuisine and the dishes were delicious. Here you can enjoy Feni (a local liquor) too, free of cost. We ate like apes and stopped only when we found out everyone else has completed their lunch. The fish and the chicken dishes were really tasty.We had no intention to walk and see trees after that grand lunch but we thought it would be rude to refuse the guide and agreed. Later we realized it would have been a mistake, the tour was very interesting. The guide took us around the plantation and gave brief information about various trees. We could see some spice trees there which we only had seen in books previously. The guide had great knowledge about the trees and their uses and he explained everything very nicely.
Mohal Banker
 We were lucky to get hospitality of Ashok Malkarnekar( Dudhsagar Plantation and Farmstay), because of him we were able to explore more in these jungles.